What pocket knife do you carry?

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    Jade G-10 scales from the looks of it.
  1. The one that they have now is the Military not the PM2
  2. Thank you! I was able to get it off of someone from the spyderco forums... $200 brand new in box. A little expensive but way better than what i was seeing on auction sites....
  3. Benchmade 319 proper slip joint. Love the shape of the very utilitarian blade. Micarta feels really good in your hand. Coming from mostly G10 handles, I appreciate the feel of micarta.
  4. Benchmade Barrage - good size, good grip, holds an edge and can be used for all manner of knife like activities. It is also just a bit longer than my palm is wide making it a good force amplifier or kubotan for a wrist or thumb lock.
  5. Swiss army super tinker knife
  6. 99B005E4-3E0A-4E94-B486-2BA6AD929A95.jpeg A462D270-612F-4473-9EC7-446D4710A0AA.jpeg Benchmade 319. S30 steel and slip joint. Modified sheepsfoot blade is very convinient and doesn’t look aggressive.
    Greatly complimented by micarta scales.
  7. Nice! :thumbup:
  8. Sheepsfoot and Wharncliffe are probably the most underrated blade shapes out there, yet one of the most versatile. Everyone needs to experience one to see what I mean! Well honed, the blade just falls through whatever medium you put it against.
  9. Spot on. One of the indication is utility blades they all wharncliffe. Benchmade did a good job with that shape.
  10. Kershaw 1555ti.
  11. Schwarz Perpetua - the thin profile, grip and axis lock mechanism make it a great companion blade. The Benchmade Barrage usually makes appearances on the weekends due to its slightly thicker scales. Both index in my pocket and deploy the same so no feeling around when its time to take them out.[​IMG]
  12. The Spyderco Dragon Fly is my favorite little knife. I always carry it when I am home, and I use it for the majority of simple tasks.

  13. My favorite full size knife is the new Tri-Way Hinderer.


  14. Cold steel recon 1

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  15. Rick makes a nice knife!
  16. These new generation flippers are really nice. I have several older ones that are just "ok" as far as flipping goes.
  17. Kershaw Dividend in M390
  18. 0EDF84CA-D783-4C22-95F2-AD2F4A1DEB54.jpeg
    Zac Brown’s “Southern Grind” company is putting out some proper knives. Been carrying this “Bad Monkey” for a while now. Very pleased.
  19. 3B408255-5283-490B-AB89-54E2602D84E6.jpeg Today Perceval

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