What pocket knife do you carry?

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    This confuses me. Why did your pocket knife get confiscated instead of them telling you to take it back to your car or they didn't give it back to you when you left?
  1. My wife and I had taken the bus into Denver to see the show. The security guard was very emphatic that if I gave her the knife, she could not return it. In retrospect I should have tried to hide it on the mall somewhere on the chance that it would still be there after the show, but I didn't think of that. Oh well, chances are it would have been gone anyway with so many people around.
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    I forgot once, and took my knife to the airport before a flight. Luckily I had enough time to find a place where I could post it back to my home address.
  3. Boker Congress Carver and knifeless MP400 mod

  4. At times I have thought that I wanted to get a nice custom gentleman's folder. The episode that I just went through would have really bummed me out.
  5. I had a similar thing happen when I went to a concert a few years ago. The security guard was being an ***, and I didn't have time to walk back to the car, I stepped out of line and walked over to the trash can and pitched in a $10 knife. All I could hear was the guard screaming at me, and the look on my GF's face was shock. He looked at me and said that I didn't have to throw it away, I couldn't given it to him. At about the same time, my GF asked me why I did it and I looked at her and said I needed to keep sharps out of the hands of assholes. The people in line behind me heard it and laughed since they saw the whole incident.
  6. Don’t always carry one with me but while I work I have a small fallkniven u2. Small light sharp. It’s all I need.
  7. My usual EDC is a SAK Explorer. I also have a SAK Rambler on my key, just in case I decide not to carry the Explorer!

  8. I wish i could but traveling through airport security 4 times a weekend would just mean id forget and it would be gone....
  9. BUCK Prince
  10. Small CRK Sebenza 21.
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  12. So, my cheap folder rule came into play again. At a wet shaving expo, one of the attendees was looking to borrow a knife to cut some zip ties to open his son's toy. He then gave the knife to his wife who was side loading the blade while working, and I do mean working, on the zip ties. The knife is very sharp and could easily cut through zip ties when used properly. I cringed but didn't say anything. After returning the knife they needed to borrow it again. I didn't see what they were doing the second time, but they returned it with a small chip it the knife tip. No biggie! I honed out the chip when I got home and didn't worry about damage to my $10 knife. Had it been an expensive folder I would have either not loaned it out, or would have been pissed at the way it had been used.
  13. Yeah, nobody other than my father EVER gets to use my knife. If something needs cutting, I'll cut it for them. I'm glad that the damage done was not to an expensive knife. You're absolutely right about the utility of that. A lot like sunglasses. Buy the expensive ones and misplace them just as quickly as you do the gas station specials. The block the UV just as well too.
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  15. No... you would kept your knife and seen Buddy Guy another day. (I saw him live at Chicago Blues NYC in the 1990s...awesome set).
  16. I actually posted here a while back about a guy I loaned my Para 2 to. For whatever reason, all reason and logic go out the window when anyone gets a hold of someone else's belongings. He used it to, according to him, just cut a strap on a backpack. The tip of the blade had been broken off. I was pretty fuming, but I politely approached him and asked what happened. "Must have already been like that! Yep, it was like that before I even used it!" he said very defensively, knowing damn well he was guilty.

    This certainly wasn't the first time something like that had happened, you'd think I would've learned my lesson. Now I abide strictly by the cheap folder rule or just cut it for them. In some cases, I'll just outright tell them no. It's almost amusing how offended some get, but in no way, shape or form are you entitled to my belongings.
  17. Very similar to the tip damage on my knife except mine was closer to the point. I suspect it was slipped under a tight zip tie and twisted. I was happy that it was a cheap knife that I could just shrug my shoulders and fix the damage.
  18. One thing I've seen guys constantly chip blades on are those twist ties. People seem to assume they are just plastic, but they have a surprisingly hard wire inside them.

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