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What makes for a good bowl for bowl lathering?



I shaved a fortune
The Timeless bowl looks supremely functional and is cheap. It also looks supremely ugly and cheap. I just can’t get past that. Shaving is the whole sensory experience to me. The visual and feel of lathering in plastic ruin it for me. If they even made a black one, I could get behind it maybe.

I ended up getting this one, and it is excellent.

Bicrops Ceramic Shaving Soap Bowl For Men, Non-slip Handle, Wide Mouth, Large Capacity, Easier to Lather-White& Black Amazon.com - https://a.co/d/bOug73I
You can get a black one...https://maggardrazors.com/products/timeless-razor-plastic-shaving-bowl-black

Edit: I know it looks cheap.... and definitely what I call "modest".... but for the money, I'm not sure you can do better. It doesn't feel cheap... it's very thick, dense.... has a nice weight to it. I used mine for a long time until I bought a CaYuen bowl.... must more expensive, but for me, worth the cost difference.
I have a small silver plated bowl that I found in a thrift store for $4 and cleaned up brilliantly; it fits comfortably in the palm of my hand, and has a matte interior that helps provide good friction for lathering. I also have a $3 black ceramic bowl from a kitchen store with a textured interior that is again, great for that lathering friction. I also have an old, battered pewter whisky tasting cup rescued from - wait for it - a thrift store that is perhaps better than the previous two for lathering, but a little on the heavy side. And finally a Turkish water bowl that's really a bit too large, but has a heavily embossed interior that is again fantastic.

I keep thinking about getting a Surabachi grinding bowl from Amazon, and likely will at some point. But I do like my cheap thrift-store finds.
No need to overcomplicate this. Any deep bowl that can't shatter, will do. Whenever I make lather in a bowl, I use a cheap grey plastic bowl from a 5-pack that cost me less than 2 euro.
I use two bowls, primarily the one pictured below because it was a gift. The other bowl is a heavy Captain’s Choice copper bowl.

Both work well. The copper is unbreakable which is an advantage. The ceramic was custom thrown for me which is very nice.

With a ceramic bowl I would want a loop to put my thumb through. This makes holding a wet bowl much more secure.

Timeless Razors makes a cool bowl. Works good is cheap and unbreakable.

This x 1,000!
When I broke my ceramic bowl I replaced it with a Captain's Choice bowl (lightweight) and a Timeless bowl. I use the CC 90% of the time, but the Timeless is a lather monster. Traveling, I face lather.
Timeless Razors makes a cool bowl. Works good is cheap and unbreakable.

Its great and you can get it in other colors.
Timeless Razors makes a cool bowl. Works good is cheap and unbreakable.

This is the one I have. I even have the same color.
Amazon sells a collapsible—wait for it—pet feeding bowl. HOWEVER, it collapses (goes into you shaving/toiletry bag if you have one). Dirt cheap at $6 for a two pack. Works VERY well, has some extra plastic “pointy things” at bottom that further help work up a lather. Amazon.com - https://a.co/d/4hZ3iv6

If you go on YouTube, I believe “Ohio Shaves” uses it allllll the time with great success. Here is a link to one in which he shows using it (this particular one is not a lot of lather as he is demonstrating a not-so-great soap).

I personally own a few (have a few toiletry bags); works wonders and easy to clean!


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This. Even my 18 year old who wants to start wet shaving can whip up a lather using this bowl!
My favorite bowl, for function, is the Timeless bowl. I also have a metal high walled bowl that I like. For travel, I have the collapsible slow feeder dog bowls (2 pack from Amazon) that a lot of people have.

I also have a TOBS wooden bowl/sandlewood puck… but the walls of it are not even close to being high enough. You have to be so careful to not make a mess. It is just a bad design. I would love the same bowl with cover, but with one inch taller walls. I really like that it has a cover.

Before I had any of this, I had a big mug.
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