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What made you happy today?

Just received a notification from FedEx that a package will be delivered tomorrow.
I didn't order anything, so...a mystery's afoot.
Kind of exciting for my first day of stay-cation. It's worlds better than what I had planned for tomorrow (weeding + cleaning out the garage).
Colour me happily intrigued.
Got my 88 y/o mother-in-law moved from her house to a senior living apartment complex ... in a two days of a record setting heat wave. Proud of my sons. That was a lot of careful heavy lifting.


George Bailey Fanboy
Talking with old friends on the phone today after my father’s death last week.
It's been more than 15 years since my Dad died, and tho the achy pain is long gone, the "I wish I could talk to dad" pain crops up once in awhile. We became good friends when I was 12 or so. He respected me and told me so. I think that's rare, and I was really blessed by it.

I believe I have done so already, but I give you my deepest condolences friend.
Nothing profound today. Riding my utility bike to buy groceries in about 70 degree temperatures rather than the 115 degrees we hit on Monday. Less is more.
I woke up on the right side of the grass, my head doesn’t hurt and I’m not dizzy. The birds are chirping and the rain is making everything so green you would think this was Ireland. I’m off for the next five days, if you don’t count on call as work, which I don’t, and I get to work on honey do’s.
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