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What made you happy today?

What made you happy today, or cheered you up, if only a little bit?
It could be anything, from the birth of a baby to discovering a new favourite café.

Today we (me, SWMBO, and two sons) took a walk through the local Waterfowl Park, and saw two groups of ducklings. One was a family of five that were starting to get regular feathers, but another group of 6 were still small and downy. They were swimming only about 6 feet away, and not at all frightened by us.
You cannot see ducklings in the wild and still be depressed.
There was also a muskrat dragging a bunch of cattail leaves to ... some project.
I was watching Paw Patrol with my two year old grandson and he snuggled up to me and hugged me and said "I love you, Bumpa'. Just melted my heart. :001_wub:

I have twin 3 year old grandsons. They moved from 30 miles away to just 3 miles away a year ago. They pop in all the time and I love it. I'm a fan of Paw Patrol,Thomas the tank, Dinosaur train, Bob the Builder and many more.
I spent the day with my beautiful wife doing our second favourite thing together - cooking - during which I made great sourdough and focaccia, prior to our best friends coming round for dinner. Plus I got to shave twice. So I'm happy.
First watermelon radish from the garden this season, never had much luck growing these.

Bees on the echinacea.

Farmers market still has Honey Crisp apples available but they moved them to a new display spot, my panic was premature.





Fridays are Fishtastic!
My 10-year old daughter came back from a week-long camp on Saturday, and I got to see her before I went to work. Place wasn't the same without her.
I know what you mean. My granddaughter is a handful, but I miss her terribly when she is not here.
The watermelon radish looks awesome, and your photos are fantastic!

Thanks very much Phil! Yesterday was a very good day, ran into people i hadn't seen or talked to in quite some time, in one case it had been years, all the pieces kept falling into place as the day went on, not at all typical!

Take care!
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