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What kind of beer do you like

Shane, if you like Blue Moon, you should try Blue Moon mixed with Guinness. It's really good, it's pretty popular around Ohio.
Mama Bear said:
I still have a wonderful stout, a jack daniels stout, blueberry and honey pale ale, apple, honey and nut brown ale and a lime pale ale out in the garage in boxes

Dang, shaves soaps like you make and can brew too!

Regards, Todd
I'm with those people who aren't big fans of alcoholic beer. While root beer is good... Birch beer, now that is a good drink!! But please don't bring ginger beer anywhere near me!! Yuck!
The Germans make the best beers IMO, i.e. Weizenbier, dunkles Bier, Altbier, etc. In the U.K. the lager beers are a joke. But some of the real ales or bitters you get in places in the north of England are beautiful.


Stjynnkii membörd dummpsjterd

Stone Brewery Arrogant Bastard and IPA
North Coast Brewery Old Rasputin Imperial Stout
Victory Storm King and Hop Devil


Samuel Smith Imperial Stout and Pale Ale
Ayinger Celebrator Dopplebock
The good stuff from Belgium

There are others..........
My personal favorites are:

Gulden Draak (a world-winning Triple distilled Barley Wine Ale from Belgium)
Skullsplitter (Scottish Ale from the Orkney Islands)

Summertime: Widmer hefeweizen

Wintertime: Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine
Anchor Old Foghorn Barleywine

Anytime: ANYTHING from Stone Brewery♠:tongue_sm
lakefront brewery - cherry ale
new glarus - spotted cow (cask conditioned), fat squirrel (nut brown ale), uff da (bock)
bell's - double cream stout, porter
milwaukee ale house - sheapshead stout
great dane brewery - stout, porter
anchor steam - porter
brooklyn brewery - chocolate stout
youngs - double chocolate stout
Shane said:
Mama Sue,

the Young's Double Chocolate Stout, like their other beers, are English but are available at places that specifically sell alcoholic beverages and some restaurants, it is definitely worth looking up. the brewing process is amazing, they brew it with the usual rich, roasted malt, chocolate malts...and pure dark chocolate is added during the brewing process! smooth, crisp, sweet and a real champion among stouts.

speaking of chocolate, i think i should order your chocolate shaving soap soon.


Holy Moley! REAL Chocolate! OMG... I have to find some on the internet! I have never heard of this but my knees just got weak.... ;-)

Thanks Shane!

Sue (Mama Bear)
mark the shoeshine boy said:
this thread has taken off....does shaving and beer go together ???

Am I missing something ?

Mama Bear, can you make a special "beer flavor" soap ? :biggrin:

mark tssb

I don't have enough already.....? lol

I guess I am going to have to seeing as beer is this popular! :tongue_sm
In no particular order

Hop Back's Summer Lightning (not so good since Weatherspoon's started selling it) or their Hopfest when it's available
Wye Valley's Butty Bach
Freeminer's Strip And At It
Brain's Dark
Wickwar's BOB (Brand Oak Bitter)
Shepherd neame's Spitfire if there's nowt else.

Whatever it is, it must be hoppy and fruity (exception is the Brain's Daark. I was brought up on that in Cardiff - sentimental drinking!) Not at all keen on the malty beers.
Lagers only eve pass my lips when there's no proper beer available, such as in Germany or Belgium!

Iechyd Da!

Not going to chime in on the actual beers, but I have a tip: Find a store that has both a large selection AND the ability to assemble your own six-pack (or simply by singles of everything). I have one in my area and I've tried tons of beers that I never would have bothered with, were I to have to by them six at a time. It's a great way to try the oldball stuff.

I'm a big fan of Boddington's Pub Ale. It's not for everyone but definatly worth a few tries. It comes in a can with a canister of nitrogen so you really do need to have a cold glass ready to pour it in or it will foam over.
moses said:
Wow, this thread just took off. Looks like there is something almost everyone here likes almost as much as shaving... :wink:

For me, I like any beer. Except Fosters.

But some favorites:

-Guiness and Smithwicks
-Almost any IPA. Ithaca brewing Co. makes several that are pretty damn fine, especially one I forget the name of that is distinctly grapefruity.
-Trappist (espicially Orval). I prefer Triples slightly, but really, any trappist.
-Hoegaarden. Tied for favorite refreshing beer with really good IPA.
-Anything by New Belgium out of Colorado. Their stuff is GOOD. Love their trappest styles (about as good, and an awful lot cheaper. But my favorite beer ever, hands down, is New Belgium 1554 Black. If you like dark beers, you have to try this. Just as yummy as a good stout, but with a great acidity. Almost like what would happen if you took the best qualities of a good IPA and Stout and mixed them.

I will second New Belgiums 1554...Fat Tire gets all the praise but the 1554 is great stuff.

Depending on the mood...I enjoy Guiness or Murphys Stout...Pale Ales are Sierra Nevada or Mirror Pond from Deschutes Brewery in Oregon...IPA's would be Pyramid IPA or Rogue Brews Imperial IPA...

Lost Coast's Downtown Brown and Great White...Steelhead Breweries Raging Rhino Red...Firestone Double Barrell Ale and Walkers Reserve (Good Stuff if you happen to find yourself at the Brewery in Santa Ynez...I don't think it makes it outside the Brewery)

Did I mention I like beer?
Good call on the Pyramid IPA. Very good stuff from that brewery. Their Hef is about the best I have had in this country - although it was best with I was in Berkeley and could get it on tap and really fresh.
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