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What is your favorite adjunct lager?

What is your favorite adjunct lager?

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Ahh, what one of our local shops stocks in the section they call "Legacy Beer." :) Privately they refer to it as "Grampa Brew."

Not a grandparent but I occasionally pick up a two-four of "White Rabbit" -- Old Style Pilsner. Back when I lived in the USNW, Henry Weinhard's was still in operation and good old Blitz-Weinhard was one of my favourites. Also Rainier -- still made but now by Californians.

The Major was a big fan of Olympia, and when he got grumpy about the cost of a case he'd buy some Elkhorn, which was truly "canoe beer."

While sojourning in the Midwest for a decade I discovered that the fabled Grain Belt was still made. Wow, corn beer. :rolleyes: Also Red Dog, also now out of business like Oly, Rainier and Blitz. A few years ago I was at an academic conference in the DFW area and we all trooped over to a big ol' dancehall to have a dinner and learn the Electric Slide*. The evening was saved by the discovery of Shiner IPA, of which my colleague and I had "several." And by the appearance of some Buckle Bunnies who wanted to kick up a good old two-step with no other implied commitments.

*Which was funny to me because we always taught the Electric Slide as everybody's first line dance.

Haven't had a Shiner since then. Also haven't danced the Electric Slide since then, either, so I guess all around it's a win.

Let's have a beer!

I've always thought the Electric Slide was, for women, some sort of latent form of genetic memory. Like how some breeds of dog who have never seen sheep or cattle will sometimes start herding them without prompting.

An observation I had at various wedding receptions. It never occurred to me there was a learning process involved.


"Can't Raise an Eyebrow"
I drink mostly ales and lagers, usually American "craft" beers with the occasional IPA. I like Sam Adams and New Belgium. Wife likes Modelo and I'll drink those fairly often, just because they are cold and in our fridge. I can stand a Blue Moon on occasion, but not more than one. Our local Abita Beer "Beeracuda" touted as a Gulf Coast Cerveza is surprisingly good.
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