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What is your next brush purchase?

Just ordered an "Amber Aerolite 24mm Stygian Synth Hybrid" from PAA. I enjoy "Smythe's" retro revivals, as well as his zany nomenclature. The brushes ain't bad, either.
I want a Declaration Grooming B3, I have a brush with B3 in it but I want one that is in a declaration grooming handle. I’d also love to get the above with B1, B2, or B5 but those are much more difficult to find.


I actually think I am done!

I just ordered a Simpsons Tulip 3 Super to go along with the Emperor 3 Super I ordered last week. Add that to the M7 Manchurian I traded for a couple of weeks ago... I am done. If I like being married that is. 🤪

Oh, I also have a Simpsons Eagle 3 Best coming from Spain. I am so dead when my wife sees all of these!💀
Semogue SOC: my first boar
Trafalgar T3: in doubt. Judging by the reports it's got a lot of backbone, and I disliked the Tuxedo knot, which had the most backbone of any brush I tried
Omega EVO: also in doubt. Heard it's similar to Mühle STF, and I didn't care for that knot too much. Gotta do more research.
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