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What is your next brush purchase?

Multum in parvo

At some point, I'll invest in a "good" boar brush or a best/silvertip badger.
I've got one boar which is definitely low end; I suspect the hairs were sheared and shaped into form as it's been several years; it continues to shed and no sign of the tips splitting. I've also got a couple of pure badgers; they're nice but I'm curious what the next step up will be.
On sabbatical again and I've already declared my exception, so perhaps next year.
Semogue Taj or Butterscotch Boar comes to my mind
the Butterscotch is a mixed Boar/Badger but is also available in Boar
My QED savile Row 3824 has served me extraordinarily well for over ten years. However, I've got my eye on either a custom Shavemac (I want Silvertip, thick backbone, chubby handle, ideal for face lathering) in a blue or green faux marble.

South Dakota Guy

I just ordered this WCS Silvertip brush. 26mm knot and 56mm loft. I really like the long 75mm handle which should match the shave scuttle I ordered from Georgetown Pottery. My hope is that visual harmony of the two will please my better half. It gets decent reviews and the price was only $54. If it sucks I won't be out too much money. All of my other brushes are synthetic, this will be my first real silvertip.



I have one brush .. and to be honest I just can't rationalize more than one.. but if there is a brush that inspires brushlust .. its those pictures of all the Varlets. That guy has incredible taste and aesthetics.



Most likely a vintage brush that I really like the handle on to use as is or reknot depending on the knot.

Other possibilities: Zenith Manchurian, Simpson 2band/SiLVERTiP/Manchurian if I find a real good deal, D01 2 band if I find a real good deal, Maybe Shavemac 2 band or Semogue Mistura LE, maybe an Omega connaught jade.

Probably a Simpson Mixed hair if they decide to make one. That'd pique my interest.


UGH! I don’t need another brush! I don’t need another brush!

(But I am debating another Shavemac vs. another Simpsons!! :mad2: :mad2: )

Owen Bawn

"Ask me about a fluffernutter"
Possibly a Tulip 3 super or an M7?
'Tis a shame Simpsons don't offer the Eagle 2 or 3 in Best; they offer the 3 in Super but it is very expensive. I've said many times that the M7 in Best or Super from WCS is a great deal, even at full price. I have both. Such an elegant classic- and great for face lathering. Enjoy the quest!
I’m interested in the Thater 4125/0 2-band silvertip in a bulb knot. Anyone have one that wants to share your thoughts? I have the brush in sizes 1 and 2!


Tulip 3 in super INCOMING!! :a29: :a29:

Just need to explain the ‘..need for brushes to dry properly...’ concept to LOTH!! Again!!
I have had that brush in my Amazon cart forever. Amazing deal if you got it from the evil Besos empire.

I am torn between that and a LE Berkeley or Tulip 1 Silvertip from Simpsons.
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