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What is your next brush purchase?


I have and enjoy both. You should and probably will eventually get both... but with that said, consider this. Every wet shaver needs to try a Duke in Best, but not every shaver needs to try a Duke 3 synthetic. In fact, to my mind the M7 synthetic is much better than the Duke synthetic. The longer handle provides a better fulcrum for splaying or painting, and it keeps the hand and the lather apart. When you splay a Simpson synthetic (or any synth, I suppose) the lather gets forced up the knot onto the handle. The M7 design prevents that.

So you have a choice here between two goods- there is no 'bad' option. But while both brushes are good, only Best is best!
Just ordered the M7 Best, I think from here on I will only get a brush because of the handle, or if it is Manchurian
Was on AliExpress and ordered a pretty good diversity of synthetic brushes. I even ordered some handles and knots to try my hand at customizing. Best to practice on less expensive synths before I move up to the next level.
I just ordered a Muhle Sophist in Ironwood with STF. Hoping it will be soft since I have heard good things about the STF. Several years ago I was deciding between Plisson and Muhle STF and went Plisson, partly because of the awesome clearance deal from L'Occitane, which I have enjoyed a lot. Now that neither Plisson nor L'Occitane is offering the same knot, I decided to try the STF.

I wanted the Sophist in African Blackwood, but it turns out it has been discontinued (possibly the entire Sophist line, but not sure). Although Muhle UK had it in stock, they were not willing to ship it. I managed to get the Ironwood one from Executive Shaving. Hoping I will like it!

I completely disliked my last brush purchase which was an AdP travel brush.
Well that was disappointing. Got the brush today, but not sure why maybe just too heavy, but I'm not liking it. Since it's cost prohibitive to ship it back to the UK, I may end up selling it on BST. :(


I’m still waiting on a Simpson M7 synthetic and a Spiffo High Mountain White. Shipping has been slow globally even since late Dec it seems.

I am liking the M7 format and will likely add a Manchurian and possibly a Super. After that, I very well may be done for a while.
At some point, I'll invest in a "good" boar brush or a best/silvertip badger.
I've got one boar which is definitely low end; I suspect the hairs were sheared and shaped into form as it's been several years; it continues to shed and no sign of the tips splitting. I've also got a couple of pure badgers; they're nice but I'm curious what the next step up will be.
On sabbatical again and I've already declared my exception, so perhaps next year.
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