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What is your favorite Oriental scented soap

Oriental soapscents are described as spice and woods often with some floral notes and vanilla. What are your favorite oriental scented soaps?
Le Pere Lucien Rose de Pushkar has what I think of as "oriental" overtones. Yes, it's a rose, but in a potpourri, midnight in the casbah sort of way, nothing like a fresh English garden rose for instance.
calani had a 'dubai' shave soap, with scent of frankincence and myrrh. nice soap altho, imho, subtle scent.

calani dubai revisor kent havana tom ford tobacco january 30 2015.jpg
If your looking for a "floral" scent with some vanilla, I'd take a look a T+S Madagascar. Great soap,imo
Well, no help from me since I have not used any of the above scented soaps. I do however wish there wad a good soap that mimicks Penhaligon's Hammam Bouquet. You cannot get more Oriental than that fragrance. I love it.
How about Hi Karate and Jade East, believe both of these qualify as Oriental scents. Avon Thai Winds is not bad either but it gives me a headache sometimes.
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