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What do you do with your Gem blades between shaves?

I dry mine and then I store it in a little blue felt bag Mrs Ladd made for the purpose.


It even has a little popper clip closure thing.
Those blades really only need to be dried off if they are carbon steel. Stainless steel can just be rinsed off and left to air-dry.

Sometimes, I'll remove the blade, rinse it, dry it on a paper towel, then hang it on a magnet on the back of medicine cabinet door. Other times, I'll put the blade back in the Micromatic and leave the lid slightly open so the blade can air-dry that way.
I leave my GEM blades in the razor until it is time to change the blade. I only use 1 razor and 1 blade at a time, I don't switch out razors until the blade has dulled and needs to be replaced. The SS PTFE blades last a long time for me and have never had an issue leaving them in the razor.
I do the same thing I do with all my razors and blades. Razor gets broken down completely, washed and completely dried. The blade is rinsed and completely dried, then blade back in razor and reassembled loosely. I think it completely unnecessary to store a blade apart from the razor if this method is used. JMO.

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After the shave I rinse the razor and remove the blade and just tap dry on towel and place them between two modified business cards and gets use in the next ASR razor in my large ASR razor rotation, that way I do not have 17 razors loaded with Gem blades and have been doing this for about 5 years with no problems with all my razor blades.
(Credit card holder works OK for my different blades also, I recommend using Gem SS PTFE blades if at all possible.)

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I haven’t used any GEM razors yet but @spacemonkey42 gifted me a 1912 GEM junior. It’s a lovely specimen.

If I need to store a used blade, I follow a suggestion I read here. I bought some blank magnetic business cards and sandwich the blade in between two of them. It works like a charm and is compact for storage.
At any given time I always have one Gem blade, one AC blade and one DE blade in rotation. To store them and keep track of their respective usage, I placed adhesive backed magnets in an old bracelet case and painted numbers on little round magnets. I used to use dice, but once in a while the case would get moved, the dice would roll and I’d forget how many times I’d used a blade.
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