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What do you do when you don't have time for your usual DE or Straight shave?


What do you do when you don't have time for your usual shave? Do you make fewer passes, perhaps only one instead of three? Do you pull out a can of Barbisol and your Mach 3 or Fusion? Do you skip the shave all together? What is your routine when you're in a hurry?

As far back as the late 1960s, when I converted from Injectors to Gillette Adjustables, I held onto a faster style for those days I got up late or had an evening appointment I'd not expected. At first, it was the Schick or Pal Injector razor, whatever I'd used last, later it was a TracII. It was the loss of a good job in 1989 or so that forced me to take two jobs to (almost) replace my previous income, and begin cartridge shaving every day. No time for myself.

Sunday was a repeat. I forgot the time change until almost too late; then I had to rush. Out came the now "reserve" Sensor Excel, although instead of a Gel, I used Barbasol foam.
I will use a shave stick and face lather instead of bowl lather.

I dial my adjustable down a notch or two and shave a little faster using my same 3-4 pass shave maybe omitting the final clean up pass.f

I might omit a little of my shave den clean up (like wipe down the sink) but I won't cut corners on my shave.

Since I have been retired for so long, I've never really been any rush to do much of anything much less take less time for my daily shave.
I'm a night shaver so it is rarely if ever a problem but if I am just too darn busy and not meeting with the President that day I will just skip the shave. I have a Mach 3 sitting in a drawer and I can honestly say I haven't even touched it in so long I can't remember.
I guess it depends on how much time I do have...if we're talking a sudden rush out the door in less than 5 minutes, I'll just skip. But if I have a good 5 minutes or so, I can do a quick 2 pass shave, WTG/XTG. The thing that really slows me down shaving is around my mouth area. I have some prominent hair follicles right up next to my lips, so I need to go slow there *if I want to get close*. When I'm rushed, I just sort of skirt over that area, and get it looking good. Doing that allows me to decrease the overall shave time quite a bit. The rest of my face I can go over really quickly without much risk, and get to DFS for sure, even with limited time. I always face lather, so that helps a bit as well.
If I really have no time, I use my electric. It cuts the stubble to an acceptable finish with no irritation. I'll try to do a proper shave later. This hasn't been much of a concern since I retired but there were times when I was working where I shaved on the drive in.
Another option is to use an injector. I did this just this morning, since I was pressed a bit for time: face lather some VDH Luxury soap with my Omega Pro 49, and then do 2 quick passes with my Schick J-type. Rinse, and splash on some aftershave. Total time--about 7 minutes for a DFS + with no irritation or blood. Injectors are almost TOO easy!
after you've been using a DE for a while, you can get it done in 5-10 minutes as usual. It doesn't have to be a massive ritual.
It literally takes me 3 minutes from wetting my brush to throwing on a splash and drying my hands, to do a full 3 pass shave.
Calling in sick = best response! :001_tongu

Still new at this, had this happen twice in 1 week.

I can do quick 2 pass in less than 10 minutes.

Or NOT shave, I can't call in sick. I R the boss!
My normal DE shave is quick enough that it doesn't make much difference if I'm running late. It's 3-5 minutes, tops. Skipping breakfast or eating in the car on the drive in saves more time than that.

Lately I've been using carts and mostly Barbasol, but that's mostly a short term effort to get them used up.
Fewer passes or use the Braun -- I'm fortunate that it has always worked nicely for me, just not as nice as DE.
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