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What do friends & family think about your hobby?

Talking about shaving never came up before. Why should it now? As far as a conversation starter its a dead end. Straight razor shaving might work for a bit but it would quickly devolve into talk about injury, blood and death.
My wife is cool with it. She likes that I always smell good. She did try my Henson when she couldn't find her Mach 3. She said it was good but didn't pursue it further.
When I got into SR shaving, all my friends ostracized me and my siblings went and lived overseas. Now I only talk about it to Levy, my dog. She understands and often sits watching me shave.

I think she is developing an interest in wet shaving.
I don't think either of my cats ever watched me shave. They are ninjas. You only see them when they want you to.
One of my friends uses a DE. Occasionally it will come up, but very seldom. Another friend likes messing about with knives and sometimes scale material or honing will come up. Yet another overhead a honing conversation and was surprised when I mentioned I typically use lapping film to hone my razors. He uses lapping film in his day job and never thought it could be used for honing. The knife guy "just likes sharp things".

For most people mentioning shaving is a sure fire way to halt a conversation and for them to remember they suddenly have to be elsewhere.. This can be a useful trick at times though..
You have to know the room. I'm sure if I started talking about architecture most of you will tune out. Sports used to be a safe conversation starter with guys. However I know a few who never got back into sports after the pandemic canceled everything.

Ron R

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I have tried to talk about wet shaving with some of the fellows I have coffee with and they are not that interested it seems to me, they will listen but really do not add to keep conversation going, so in other words low interest IMO but not a rejective conversation for most. They are content with cartridge and electric razors, some tried traditional wet shaving and had bad experience sometime in their lives. I think they where never shown anything on good technique and just grabbed a old DE razor with a dull blade and tried using it like their Dad did and thought it was like using a cartridge I'm thinking with some blood for their trial shave:o11:.
Well I’ve managed to get my best mate into the hobby this last year. He’s got quite a coarse beard and complained about irritation when we had a conversation last year, so I let him borrow one of my DE razors and a selection of my soaps and creams and he’s really taken to it. He couldn’t believe how affordable a 100 pack of blades is on eBay and the like.


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One of our youngest son's wife's cousins uses a Supply SE razor on his head. I thought he'd be interested in talking shaving. I asked him which model he had... he had no idea and his eyes glazed over when I showed him B&B on my phone. LOL

My wife is interested in my gear but doesn't want to try a DE razor that would work for her. She is sticking with the Gillette lady products for now. She has shown an interest in trying a shaving brush... so we'll see if that takes root.
I don't think my wife has figured out yet that it's a hobby. Shaving, a hobby? LOL! Only we would see this as a hobby! Everyone else just sees it as shaving! I have razors, creams, after shaves etc., lined up on the side of my sink and she doesn't even ask.
But I can't complain, she puts up with my multiple hobbies!
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