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What did you hone today?

Spent most of day honing my new to me Iwasaki 30, 9h

Shapton Glass 2k HR, 6kHC, 8k snow white, 12 nani
Shave first pass was awesome but not perfect plus my stopping was not great

Back to 8 few more laps then to Ozuka Asagi 5+
Slurry to water finish
2 pass phenomenal shave, so phenomenal speechless

I will not leave my wingman////////

Didn’t move past 2k until good bevel, cherry tomato test good

Good foundation before moving up
This is the 5th razor i have honed
Most likely sending this to Dr for his touch as my edge good but she deserves better

This razor steel is so hard it ate my stones for lunch without blinking
This razor is a grail razor, that shaves grail level status, the razor grind is hard dense and solid, amazing,
Mr Iwasaki truely was a master artisian
When you hold blade it has heft and density like no other razor in my collection



Ask me about shaving naked!
@RussellR5555 has inspired me to get out my own TI 11/16 Basic Black, wonderful razors, and so I gave it a touch up. A non-Asano mejiro was followed by ‘Ugly #2’, quite an excellent piece of pure deep strata Nakayama, super fine and not too hard. It’s just ugly. I even cashewed the sides, not because it needed it, but just to cover up more of the ugly, lol. Silent HHT in or out so we will see how she shaves in the morning.

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