What did you hone today?

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  1. ouch

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    Feel free to discuss the razors (or knives) you honed, and the stones you used. Any special tips or techniques? Add 'em!

    1) Dovo 6/8 Bismarck- Naniwa chocera 3K, Kitayama 8K, coticule, water only.

    2) Hiromoto gyuto, 240mm- GlassStone 500, GlassStone 1K, Shapton M15 2K, King 6K, Shapton M15 12K.

    3) Geneva 5/8- King hyper medium 1K, Naniwa chocera 3K, coticule.

    4) Cheap Dexter cleaver- Suehiro 220, King hyper medium 1K, King 6K

    What did you sharpen today?
  2. Wid


    Dovo best 5/8, Norton 4/8K (bevel was already set) Naniwa 12K then to felt with .25 diamond.
  3. Half-hollow C.V. Heljestrand Mk.6 on a Coticule combo La Petite Blanche. This is the absolute hardest razor I've ever tried to hone without tape. It just never quite gets there.
  4. shm


    Grelot Royal Canada No. 193 6/8"

    King 1000/6000 combo, BBW w/slurry, Coticule w/slurry, Chinese 12K w/water only.

    I'm still in the process of learning to hone, and have had some difficulties with some of my vintage razors, so I just got the King combo and the Chinese 12K last week.
    The 12K was more because I was curious how the edge would be from such a stone compared to the Coticule.
  5. 1. DePew "The Perfect Razor" - Taped spine. DMT 1.2k, dilucot (still with taped spine) on a vintage coticule (unknown vein).
    2. Original Schulze 4/8 full hollow - La Veinette coticule, water only.
    3. H. H. Hill 5/8 full hollow - DMT 1.2k, vintage Winner 2 sided hone with lather on the 5k side (yeah, I know it's a big jump), water on the 9k side. Finished with 1 micron diamond on felt and .5 CrOx on balsa. Not bad but won't replace the cotis.

    I've only been honing for 4 months (a couple of dozen razors or so) and it's very enjoyable.
  6. 1. 13/16 W&B Medium Hollow ground - 1 layer tape DMT 600, dilucot on Les Latneuses, finished on Frankonian
    2. 13/16 Greaves Wedge - 2 layers tape, DMT 600, dilucot on unknown coyi, finished on frankonian
    3. 6/8 Ern Crown & Sword Full Hollow - 1 layer tape, dilucot and finished on Les Latneuses coticule
  7. Nothing yet today. Last night I honed a Genco Junior. I took some edge pitting out on a DMT 220 then Dilucotted it on my 7.5x1.75" vintage coti and finished on a 5x2.5 Thuri. I think I'll refinish it tonight on a Jnat and do one more test shave before returning it to its owner.
  8. Nothing, my razors are still several months away from needing honing.
  9. Nothing, unless I get a razor in the mail today.
  10. Have you tried the hybrid side yet?
  11. azmark

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    Last night:

    Syracuse Barbers Suppy: DMT 1.2K, Nakayama Asagi, Shoubudani Asagi
    Craftsman: 1.2K, Aoto, Iwasaki Asagi Select, Shoubudani Asagi

    Just playing around with something before the polisher.

    Used the Diamondine and it is ridiculously smooth.
  12. azmark

    azmark Moderator Emeritus

    What a gem! I wouldn't even use the yellow side on mine. I honed the Fili I sold Harry and he seems to be really enjoying it!
  13. But the creamy side is half the fun! It's a good workhorse. Both sides are excellent finishers too.
  14. Not yet. Will have to tonight or tomorrow. The creamy side definitely left a very nice edge.

    It feels so strange honing on a different coticule in terms of feedback. My little 140x35mm unknown vein has been my workhorse for months (so much so that I had to rechamfer my edges recently as I've honed that much off of it from extensive use). Definitely looking forward to learning everything about this one.
  15. Tuned up my Greaves wedge and a J. Johnson cast steel frameback this evening. Used 8k & 12k Naniwas.
  16. Set the bevel on a Le Grelot, 1000K Shapton glass. Razor just arrived from France today. More tomorrow.
  17. My wits?

    Man, I feel so left out of these straight razor discussions . . .
  18. I'm cleaning up and honing this for another B&B member, who is new to straights. I get to try out another Filarmonica, and he gets to try a nice coticule edge! It's just another way to give back to B&B.
  19. Honed a Kropp 11/16 Friday (I think).
    A Filarmonica Especial Para Barbas Duras Sunday.
    And a Sta Sharp today.

    All on my new big JNat using botan, tenjo, meijiro, koma, and tomo nagura. The first two razors came out as close to perfection as I've ever gotten. We'll see about the Sta Sharp. I've finished it a few different ways, but it's never quite been where I want it to be.
  20. OK, I tried the hybrid side today and had to resort to using my DMT to raise a slurry. I bought a Les Latneuses slurry stone from superiorshave and couldn't raise a slurry for whatever reason using it.

    Anyway, I was honing a 1/4 hollow and it was just strange. Had no feedback whatever and definitely was slower than the yellow side.

    Am going to have to play around with it more as I didn't quite get the razor to the level I wanted.

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