What did you hone today?

Discussion in 'Hones/Honing' started by ouch, Jan 31, 2011.

    Gerber paring knife on a coarse Japanese natural and a garage sale stone I suspect is an Arkansas.

  1. In honed a 5/8 Salamander on the Coticule so I can experience a Coticule edge.

    Got a 6/8 Geneva ready on the Thuringian for tomorrow.
  2. My Higo is going to be featuerd in a Japanese TV show, so I figured I'd dress up the edge a bit.

  3. :001_rolle

    What is this beautiful stone?
    Tell us about the straight razor please! In what context will it be on tv?

    And now some contrast to Gammas beautiful stone and straight razor above,
    progression on LF and end with "ugly".
  4. Okudo Hon Suita

    It is a Higonokami knife, not a razor - it's sort of a general purpose pocket knife.

    The program is about products from the Kansai region that are liked/loved/used by non-Japanese people around the globe.
  5. @Gamma, if it will be in English and if you have a link please share.

    Want to find out what this stone is so treated it as a finisher after LF to 0.3m.
    Not shaved yet.

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