What did you hone today?

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    Thank you! 180 layers of high tensile steel and pure nickel sheet on each side of the Hitachi #1 core.

    I like using a piece of art when I'm in the kitchen.
  1. Honed today for today's shave: coti vs. thuringian edge.
  2. Bravo. You could always use olive oil in a pinch.
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    Love the manganese on that thuri. :001_302:
  4. Guess you are referring to my beautiful marker lines :001_smile
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  6. Graphite slurry... Superfine edge.
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    Careful, or you will start a new trend. Lol.

  8. Which one won?
  9. "Honing Pencil" $12.95
  10. Sounds like a good trick. I might have to try it out, maybe even expanding upon things with some black ferric oxide pigment. Only thing is, the powders do not suspend so well in using oil on the Arkansas stones.

    A couple of years ago, I had the idea to add some 120x silicon carbide powder to the roughened backside of a translucent Arkansas to give it even more kick. It seemed to work well for starters, the only consequence being that the backside of the stone become seriously out-of-whack as to flatness from the rolling SiC powder.
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  11. Both seem to be very skin friendly, need to shave more to pick a winner there.
    The coti edge needed more time/slower shaving stroke to cut but had no problem actually cutting anywhere. The thuri edge was more fun to shave with and I could move it faster.
  12. 5F1145DC-D71E-40A8-825B-723388021C41.jpeg 627D5EA3-1154-4194-B50C-14296AC08F32.jpeg 38309A56-C389-48D1-AE57-3018EC1A0D92.jpeg
    Busy morning. Five blades came out of the service bay today for some fine tuning on The Arkansas Grey.
    Went back to water from the 50/50 Ballistol-water mix. Less messy.
  13. EC34C40E-900F-410D-98E8-ECAEC6F26535.jpeg
    ...and seeing as the equipment was already out, figured it would be a good idea to sharpen up some knives that needed attention.
  14. You’ve sure been busy. Is that the Grey Arkansas that Jonathan Coe sell, if so how is the edges off it compared too a Surgical Black, or a Translucent?
  15. A1B33925-D9AF-47B0-94D4-CB89D132A3EC.jpeg F1224FA7-F56A-41CA-9FE8-786B3DDE0B54.jpeg It is.
    Compared to the Arkansas Surgical Black I prefer the Grey.
    It’s like a very very keen coticule
    Sharp but not hyper like a Jnat.
    I’m in the process of perhaps getting a Dota Creek to replace my Surgical Black.
    Ideally you would use the Grey as the finisher coming off a Surgical Black or Naniwa SS 8K.
    Funny issue is this functions like a 12K stone but it’s a limestone like rock, not novaculite as are traditional Arkansas stones.
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  16. JMT_1070.jpg
    I tackled this guy today. Had a heck of a time with setting the bevel all the way across the blade. I kept at it and finally got it set and went on to the rest of my progression and now is shave ready.

  17. The Surgical Black Arkansas and the Translucent Arkansas is a bit too much for my face (it’s the light red hair) which causes sensitivity. So I stick to coticules, but if the Grey Arkansas acts like a very keen coticule edge, or a 12K then that should be right up my alley. Thx
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  19. Mk4 on coticule with ballistol- nice edge

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