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What are you unpacking/ opening today, show pics or video, we love pics


A vintage chrome container, and look what is inside - a Yardley shave stick. One of my favourites 😀

I've been waiting for this for a long time. It was a pre-order that my awesome lady placed way back, knowing I wanted it. It was supposed to be a Christmas present but even though it arrived today, the Friday after Christmas, I don't mind. I'm just stoked to actually receive it.

It has a beautiful amber fragrance that's very smooth and classy. I wish I had the actual fragrance this set is based on because it's so good. Either way I'm stoked with this awesome Stirling Soap Company release.
Kox and two Vergulde Hands, along with a handwritten letter of the utmost penmanship!

I'm not sure what message you are trying to send @Guido75 ! But there is a VERY happy man half way around the world because of you!
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Haven't pried open the Vergulde Hands yet, but the Kox smells glorious!
LOL! Well, it can mean many things. And it most certainly means that I consider you a special human being with a place in my heart. Enjoy your soaps my friend.

That's funny @lasta, those seem familiar!!

I think we all have stories of unbelievable generosity and kindness on this forum. I’ve been here less than a year and already have a truckbed full of stories of B&B Brotherhood. And I have another one.

Our brother @Guido75 was randomly reading my rambling journal posts and decided to supernova in a flourish of amazing thoughtfulness. Just yesterday, I was surprised to discover a package on my doorstep.






  • He sent me a Fatip SE just because he noticed my collection was lacking much OC representation.
  • He sent me a English Aluminum Tech because he read in my posts that I was looking for a cool Tech to add to my collection - he went out and FOUND this for me, it wasn’t from his collection.
  • He sent me two Dutch soaps, one of which is from likely the oldest company in the world!!

I think we’ve been able to establish that @Guido75 is the coolest Dutchman in the world! THANK YOU MY FRIEND!

I encourage you to read the full version of this story in my Journal and learn more about the razors and soaps and help me give @Guido75 the respect and gratitude such an unselfish gesture deserves.

Thank you Guido! I’m going to be grinning like an idiot all year!
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