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What are you unpacking/ opening today, show pics or video, we love pics

Henson Ti22 V2+ arrived in the mail today. Loaded it with a Feather Blade. My first shave with it was just spectacular!
Mail call!



It’s not what it looks like.




Almost there…


Hello there, L & A Razor!


That is a blade holder inserted, not a blade.


The holder will accept injector blades and AC blades, and half DEs if they’re not belt to heck. You can probably sneak a despined Gem into it if you’re feeling frosty. It’s also removable. This means two things:

1. The L & A Razor handle accepts Weck, Personna, Fromm, Kismet, etc. hair shaper blades.

2. Wecks and other hair shapers accept the holder to allow use of injectors, ACs, half DEs that aren’t bent.






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Well, we all need a little smile in our life and I decided to hold on opening this one until Xmas morning.

Last purchase of 2022 and none should be done 2023.

At first I was confused with USPS, I guess they really wanted to get it delivered regardless of the time ... Gotta say I did not saw it on the porch that morning, but the kids got it in in the afternoon at the usual delivery time ...

Screen Shot 2022-12-22 at 7.41.13 PM.png

Well as you can see this was not an ebay splurge, after Pasteur on Black Friday, I decided to support another small vendor.

IMG_0618 Small.jpeg

This was a well packed box which will bring me a pleasant surprise

IMG_0619 Small.jpeg

IMG_0620 Small.jpeg

And now for the content

IMG_0621 Small.jpeg

I clearly cant stand a mildly agressive razor, so I stocked up on what are supposed to be mild razor to complement my KCG and 34HD for next year

Baili BR179 Chrome Twist-to-Open Safety Razor

IMG_0622 Small.jpeg
IMG_0624 Small.jpeg

Feather Popular 800-1B Double Edge Safety Razor, Twist to open

IMG_0626 Small.jpeg
IMG_0633 Small.jpeg
IMG_0634 Small.jpeg
Maggard Razors 25mm Chrome Razor & Brush Stand

I have been in need of a stand for a while, I was pleasantly surprised by the weight of the stand

IMG_0630 Small.jpeg
IMG_0631 Small.jpeg

I also decided to get some more blade because clearly one never has enough to try

IMG_0632 Small.jpeg

In case you wonder I do not know either why I bought 2 tuck of Ladas, but shout out to Maggard for the packing, second time I receive tuck that are not all busted up, each time from Maggard, this is pleasing to the eyes.

I have started to enjoy using body bar soap again last year and wanted to try this one for a while so it was added on

IMG_0628 Small.jpeg

and as veryone knows you always that extra item to qualify for free shipping right ? not that I needed more shaving soap

IMG_0629 Small.jpeg
I was the lucky winner of an amazing holiday giveaway by @Captain Pre-Capsize a few weeks ago. Thank you so much!

The package ended up taking a left turn...to Guam! lol


I expected it to look like a shipping trunk back from a 19th century sea journey, covered in weird stickers and seriously thrashed. Captain's Choice, right? A nautical Master And Commander journey seemed appropriate, considering.

I imagine it just spent 12-15 days on airplanes, getting a holiday sightseeing tour of the Pacific! But still, it was kind of a (pleasant) surprise to see it just appear on the porch this morning looking like nothing untoward happened at all.


Although I was aware of what I'd won I was still blown away by the quality and quantity of gear AND the holiday generosity of @Captain Pre-Capsize.


I mean, wow. I am SO excited to use everything there - as a new wet shaver I am beyond psyched to have a real shaving bowl let alone the coolest scuttle on the market. The bowl is smaller than I expected, it's cute! But the Captain knows his business, it fits in my hand like it was custom made for it.

And the Sage color is really nice, SUPER chill and gives off a vintage vibe. I don't think there's any question I'll have to order the matching soap locker, come on.

Thank you again @Captain Pre-Capsize, I hope you and your family have a fantastic holiday!
I never got any shipping info on this early november order - kinda forgot about it, honestly. What a awesome surprise to find on the doorstep when I got back from my walk today.

Wow! This smells incredible.


The scent is based on Maison Francis Kurkdjian's sophisticated amber and vanilla fragrance, Grand Soir. Since Grand Soir means 'big night', and this is for our End of the Year BASH, we named it accordingly. This is a scent meant to be worn out on the town.

Rich and smooth, the amber and vanilla is mixed just so it's not too sweet or cloy. Very nice!!
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