What are you unpacking/ opening today, show pics or video, we love pics

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    We love to unpack open our shave goodies or stuff, please share your experience with pics or comments :thumbup:

  1. I'm expecting to open up these soon from post office

  2. [​IMG]
    Just found this guy in my mailbox!
  3. Niceeeee, you gonna make a handle?
  4. [​IMG]

    I've set it in the stainless steel handle on the right. It's loaded with soap and soaking for an initial break in right now! It's an Envy white 24mm. I'll post finished pics over in shaving brushes when I get the TGN finest fan knot for the aluminum goblet style handle on Monday.
  5. $20160714_222845.jpg
    These came in the mail this week as well! I've got plenty to keep me occupied for a minute or two.
  6. sorry, i don't know how to post photos, but the Turkish revolt is over and my Arko bowl of soap came today!

    there's always a plan B
  7. An Merkur 985CL Open Chrome Travel Double Edge Safety Razor. Sorry no pics..
  8. I just received these boxes in the mail. Don't know what is inside but they look like tobacco boxes of some kind. Hmm, I haven't ordered tobacco.... :bored:

    $DSCN1898.jpg $DSCN1900.jpg
  9. That's a professional quality looking brush.
  10. I'm liking that straight, what is it?
  11. $20160717_214308s.jpg

    Had never tried this classic, so I got it at Woolies today in the shopping.
    Mrs previously said she hated it, but when I got her to smell my face, she said "what is that lovely scent?":biggrin1:

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  12. Thanks! Was just learning to use the CNC lathe a couple months back and thought what would be the best use of these skills.:laugh:

    That's a GD mod from one of our own members, Seraphim.
  13. Recent purchase. No unpacking pics though.

  14. Awesome, pics by 8pm then :thumbup1:
  15. Hopefully it's not love and hate smell,relationship :laugh:
  16. So B&B member Seraphim moded this..the handle?

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