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What are you unpacking/ opening today, show pics or video, we love pics

Mail call!

Let’s start here.

Instruction sheet should just be our FAQs all printed out!

Hello there, 1956 Gillette Blue Tip (B4)!

Pretty clean overall!
Next up!

Sweet! Let’s play cards!

This was pretty neat.

It’s not what it looks like.

Hello there, Super Speed!

This one definitely needs some TLC.

It's Hedley

While vacationing in Paris, I stopped at Planete Rasior, a nice little shop dedicated to shaving. My first MdC soap purchase. All the scents smelled amazing, but I settled on Agrumes and Fougere. I used the Agrumes this morning and what a great summer scent. I think the Fougere will be an excellent choice in winter months, but will give it a try tomorrow.

80740C87-B511-4542-BFED-BDC6AD2ED4EC.jpeg 82490D6D-EF56-4A0E-9393-CECB44A20EB0.jpeg Far from fancy, but I’m trying to find a “reasonably not awful” option for when I fly carry on and don’t want to get blades there or mail ahead. Now to wait for the Gillette guards to get here to compare.
Just got 6 soaps:
  • Australian Private Reserve Fougère Trois SE – Special Edition
  • Southern Witchcrafts Desairology
  • Summer Break Soaps Cannonball
  • Noble Otter Soap Co. The Noir Et Vanille
  • Declaration Grooming Try This Soap 2.0
  • Noble Otter Monarch (not in this picture)
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I like my 21mm Muhle silvertip fiber brush & bought the 23mm version. It arrived today along with an old rubber stamp stand I'm going to use as a brush holder.
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