What are you unpacking/ opening today, show pics or video, we love pics

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    You can do both. Shave with it, then sell it if you don't like it. I used mine today with a new Lord Platinum. Shaves equally nice compared to my Slim, plus I kinda like the longer handle. I've got another BB on the way - one with the metal bottom plate. Planning to dedicate my growing razor collection to specific blades once I'm done comparing them to my go-to (for now) Astra SP's.
  1. Sage advice. Probably give it a few goes over the next couple of weeks. If it shaves like the slim then I'm gonna love it!
  2. Fatip Grande. Finish not as bad as expected but manual blade alignment required.
  3. It has been quite a while since I have had anything to share, but today is a twosome...

    First is an aftershave that had recently been discussed on the AS forum...

    IMG_3158.jpeg IMG_3159.jpeg


    I have to say it smells great! My first Aqua Velva purchase of any kind.

    Next up is an upgrade to an existing razor I own...




    This Gillette Hybrid Tech arrives from England and is in nearly mint condition, aside from the mailer which has seen better days. I am not sure if the mailer actually matches the razor and case. The mailer says it is a #40, but I have no knowledge if this is actually accurate. If anyone knows for sure, it would be interesting to know. It will get the inaugural shave during the upcoming King Gillette Weekend. Good week and it's only Monday.
  4. Fen



    Bought two bowls and two plastic containers from IKEA. The bowls are for lathering (wanted to test what I prefer, stainless steel or porcelain).

    Going to use the plastic containers for soap pucks when I buy that.
  5. Wow. A mint HT. What a score. Congratulations, Tom!
  6. The Holy Grail!

    Also my favorite DE of all time. Congratulations and enjoy!
  7. Let me know when you are ready to get rid of it!
  8. Thank you, Gentlemen. For such a small, unassuming razor, it occupies a place on my Mt. Rushmore of Razors! :thumbup:
  9. Mail call!



    Woo, this Diamond scent is iiiiinteresting!


    Hello there, Switch, Lupo, and 400!


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  10. My Stirling order came in today. I'm really impressed with scent of the EDT, it's smells very close to Polo Blue, it's fresh and you can really smell the cucumber and melon. I'm just sprayed it on so I haven't gotten to the heart yet but so far I really like it. The scent off the puck is light but I have no doubt it will open up upon lathering. We're going to top 106 today so I'm excited about the MITA bath soaps. The freebie bar of Deep Blue Sea also smells great. This box just makes me happy.
  11. Just a coupl'a bottles of Pinaud Lime Sec in a jiffy bag. Smells ghastly. Poured one out; will probably PIF the other. Somebody must like the stuff.
  12. Mail call!



    It’s not what it looks like.


    Hello there, 1955 Red Tip (A4)!

  13. SWMBO sez "Do you want anything from Amazon?"
  14. I didn't take any pics but today I got a Merkur 41C Open Comb, tub of Sudsy Soapery 'Rain', some Clubman Vanilla Aftershave, and some Clubman Lime Sec Aftershave.

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