What are you unpacking/ opening today, show pics or video, we love pics

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    Today I opened a nice package. It is a J2 Gillette slim in fantastic condition. Crazy story about this, I bought one on eBay to have shipped off to North Shore Razors. I liked the way it shaved so much that I bought this one on eBay while trying to go to sleep one night. The pictures and description said it was in good condition. As I was waiting on it to get here, a fellow member here was looking for one and I told him I had a good one on the way and would sell it to him once I got it. Well, I wasn't expecting it to be on near perfect condition, especially with what I paid for it. So I kind of waffled and told him I didn't want to sell it. Then my conscience kicked in and knew I had to sell it to the fine gentlemen, just asked that he gave me a chance to buy it back if he sold it. Low and behold, he decided he liked his Rockwell better and offered it up back to me. At the time, I had just got my North Shore slim back, so didn't really think I needed another one. But I remembered how nice this was. Bought it back and got it today, thank you @Tostig for being such a great member! I did have to ship my other one back to North Shore as a small bit of the door didn't get painted, so it's nice to have this to shave with. I do believe once the North Shore one gets back it will be going on the BST.

    IMG_20190606_150436.jpg IMG_20190606_150433.jpg IMG_20190606_150441.jpg IMG_20190606_150446.jpg IMG_20190606_150444.jpg IMG_20190606_150457.jpg IMG_20190606_150451.jpg
  1. That slim looks great :001_cool:
  2. Having used it a bunch of times, I can personally attest that that Slim is one very fine specimen! :a14:
  3. Souplex1.jpg

    Souplex with solid handle. Feels very heavy compared to my Techs.
  4. I have about 8 synthetic brushes and this has been by far my favorite so far. Always whips up a good lather without struggle, it doesn't have a lot of backbone but I just use less pressure than some other synthetics and find it works well like that. I got it during WCS black friday sale for about $9 shipped which was a steal. Hope you enjoy it.
  5. Thank you! I really like this handle shape. I have a Stirling Badger with the same shape. Super comfortable to use.
  6. Came home yesterday to a full mailbox. Second haul from Maggard and first from WCS. Upgraded from my Stirling starter kit to the EJ DE89 and a Yaqi synthetic. Coming from the Li'l Brudder, I was not expecting the brush to be this big!

  7. Package from Germany. Only took a Month. Snail Mail. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Small bottle just to see if I like it.
    Not bad $5.00 free shipping.
    Hence the Snail Mail.

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  8. Just received my first purchase of Stone Cottage soaps and creams. Big assortment of scents. Looking forward to trying each.

    Checked a couple scents and they are fine. Wife thinks they are great. That's what counts.

    DSC00237.JPG DSC00244.JPG

    David, at Stone Cottage, is very helpful and has a great variety of scents available. Check him out in the Marketplace Forum.
  9. Should I be excited yet?

    6C319693-6763-47C1-B71F-8B52C00B4F04.jpeg AC8D817E-8AA3-4DC9-865E-4BE51F774A8B.jpeg
  10. Couple brushes and Gillette Contract Tech.
    Great value items to add to my overflowing den...

  11. I have a great wife! She suprised me this morning with this:
    Bleu de Chanel way de perfum 5oz
    Sauvage by Dior 3.4oz
  12. Just got 4 soaps from Italy (Saponificio Varesino) (expect the Felce Aromatica Beta 4.3 I now have all SV soaps currently on the SV website)
  13. Well then, my good man, we shall be expecting a full report and comparative critique from you on these products in due course.
  14. In your dreams ;). I will be blased too much because I'm a big SV fan...
  15. Decided to get a 24mm Yaqi Cashmere synthetic. It only took 2 weeks to arrive, I'm pleased. I'll be curious to compare it to my other synthetics.
  16. That's a beautiful brush, congrats.
  17. Thank you. I read many praising the Cashmere knot, so I decided to try it. I used it for my shave today, & it impressed me. I need quite a few more shaves with it before writing a review. But I will simply say I had a very nice shave today.
  18. My new Alpha Shaving T400 brush with High Mountain White knot just arrived:

    Yesterday I also got a new soap: Martin de Candre Argumes

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