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Well Almost got a New from Ebay...Almost

I bid on a Gillette Fat handle New with case on August 5th and won the auction. The seller emailed me to tell me she had shipped my razor on August 10th. I was impatiently waiting until I recieved her package on August 12th.
It seemed a little big for a razor,.... but some people use excess packing ,so I opened it with anticipation............Only to discover a diving mask and a snorkel. Somewhere some diver is looking at my razor saying "WHAT THE DEVIL" or worse. Emails to the seller for two days remain unanswered. I will give her another day and complain through paypal,but I want that razor!

Never count your chickens or razors until they are hatched. My RAD is kicking in:mad::mad::mad:
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This is a difficult situation.
What I would do as a seller, would be to pay for shipping labels, print them to pdf files and email them to the two buyers whose packages I had mixed up, but only after verifying that each had received the wrong thing and were willing to affix the labels and send them on their way. If one party doesn't do what they're supposed to, then it could hit the fan.


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I got stuck in that situation once. The seller contacted me before I got the package. The other buyer received my package first. I had to mail it back, I was refunded for it later. I didn't loose anything but time... Good luck!
You need to use that mask and snorkel with Shark blades. Seriously, that is such a drag. But I bet it will all work out. Good luck and keep us posted.
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