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Vintage Razors That Most Likely Will Never Be Put To Use Again

I'm talking about the ridiculously overpriced razors collecting dust in some musty antique store. My wife and I were out of town this past weekend and decided to hit up some of the shops, and I thought I hit a jackpot in one of them as he had about 5-6 Gillette razors and a pristine cased Type D Injector (for the uninitiated, this is a Type D right here) -- then I saw his prices. He's one of those sellers that sticks his toe in eBay on occasion and only pays attention to the auctions that really skyrocket -- and he was dishonest to boot. I knew it was hopeless when I saw the $40 tag on a 1940's SS, and I was ready to walk out when I saw the $130 "OK" condition Fat Boy marked as a "Bottom Adjuster". The Type D Injector wasn't too bad at $87 because of their rarity, but I already have one and this guy was turning me off with his BS to the point of not wanting to give him any of my money. I briefly entertained "straightening" this guy out about his prices, but to what end? He can just take them to his grave for all I care.

Then there was another shop that had a beat-up looking ball handle Old Type that was $40 because "It is made of brass", as the woman told me. :rolleyes:
Wow. That's crazy.

One of my local guys just wants to move stuff. He doesn't really have much shaving-related stuff but when he does he wants to move it. He had a pristine Fatboy in its case with instructions and blade bank. I said, "How much for this?" He looked at it for about 30 seconds and then said, "Fifteen bucks." I went back a few weeks later for a blue tip Superspeed, which he sold to me for three bucks. He doesn't even have prices on stuff. He just picks it up, looks at it, and makes up a price. Gotta love it.
Seems like many antique shop sellers are doing their research by looking at Buy It Now prices on ebay, rather than what items actually sold for.

Fortunately, there are still those around who are reasonable.
Don't even get me started on this topic............:mad3:
You have no idea how many brassed techs and injectors I've seen for close to $50 each.
The flip-side is that once in a while you get some great razors for under $10 each.
I forgot to mention he also had some beautiful vintage brushes that I would love to restore, particularly a two-tone green one that I had never seen before. He wanted $23 per, and then offered a 15% discount, but that's still a little too much for me because I already have about 18 restored brushes in my bullpen -- plus I picked up two nice handles for $8 each at the shop next door. I asked if he would take $15 each for 4 of them, and then he started talking about how his price was under "book value". I told him I had never heard of a book for vintage brushes, and he was going to get it, but I had no interest in seeing his "book".

He seemed like he would rather argue about the rarity and value of his items rather than sell them. He's just waiting for a sucker with a fat wallet to walk in someday.
My barber has a couple OS mugs in a window display. Everytime I go in I think about making an offer. I'd rather see them getting some use. The least he could do is use them himself. He uses a shavette for the back of my neck, but the cream is dollar store canned foam that he keeps on a low setting in a mini-crock pot...
I seen a alum gillette tech in a cabinet, sure it was polished nicely but he wanted nearly $50, no case or anything.
Next time you walk in put the amount you want to pay for X items on the Counter Top, This way he sees the cash, Then if you want to Anti up the price by $10-20 put it on the table also, and tell him that is your final offer for X items, then maybe after seening cash he will think about lettimg you walk out with all that cash.

Thats old school Haggeling ;o)
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i keep my limits simple, $5-$10 for uncased razors and $15-$30 for cased in decent shape, anything more than that it better be special.

i refuse to pay more than $5 for an old brush, mugs i could see paying 10-$15 tops.

$50 for an uncased tech, yikes.
Then if you want to Anti up the price by $10-20 put it on the table also

Ante up $10-$20? Dude, that's all any of his stuff (aside from the Type D) was worth to begin with.

If you think your tactic will work on this guy, I will gladly give you the address. :lol:
Everytime I go to my local antique stores and ask they tell me this guy came in the other day and bought all of them. Who is this guy? He always beats me to the punch.
That guy travels into my region some time too. Let's lynch him! :)

All kidding aside I am fairly aggressive at checking most of the places in a 30 mile radius of my place. Certain antique markets, outdoor fairs etc. I have frequently heard similar things... this guy was just here... he comes by every week right at opening, etc. etc. I suspect it's actually a few people, but in my head it's "this one guy" :)

So last weekend I went to this HUGE twice yearly outdoor antique fair. I went early so **I** would be there at opening :) I moved through that massive fair like a man on a mission. Got an absolutely MINT E3 cased Fatboy - nicest I've ever seen for $25, a similar quality uncased 1966 Slim Adjustable for $12 and a solid handle old open comb for $2 - it's the second of it's kind I have actually and I have NEVER seen another like it - until now :). Passed on a TON of old open combs and beat up techs - have plenty.

Anyways as I'm nearing the end of my tour, I go into this one tent and there is "THIS GUY" standing in front of one of those flat glass lid table-top display cases. In his hand he has 6 or 7 fat handled techs and other similar generic vintage pieces from that one case alone. I start talking to him and he tells me he has been doing this for several years - has bought/sold thousands strictly for resale on eBay. Quality didn't seem to be too much of an issue - he was just in it to clean and sell. An older guy - seemed like a hobby business for him. He was drooling all over my Fatboy and asked how much I wanted - NOT!

I made a point of staying in front of him for the last row or two of the fair.

So that's my encounter with "that guy". Now I know what he looks like :)

I've been "that" guy many times but have also missed "that" guy on occasion. Oddly enough, when I revisit the old shops and ask about razors they say that "that" guy got the razors. Most of the time, they're referring to me! :lol:
It's Probably Ras120 :lol:

I got burned out on antiquing during my colored glass phase.

I have no desire to consider the prices that most dealers are asking for vintage shaving gear.
Be lucky you can even find anything! I've probably been to half the antique/thrift stores in Stockholm, Sweden without finding a single DE! I've found some vintage Matador blades and a couple of rusty straights but that's about it :wink2:
I've gotten to the point where I don't even bother looking unless I happen to be right by an antique store anyway. Occasionally one finds something cool at a good price, but it's not worth the gas and effort to run around looking for them. Right now, there are a lot of "that guy"s out there, willing to pay more than I am, so I'll let them do their little razor dance. I've got more than I need and find myself giving them away to friends anyway.
We have a few places like that here in Brooklyn too. Overpriced to the point it makes me want to laugh. Luckily there are a lot of flea market and house sales where people are more realistic
Yes, there's a certain flea market I go to every weekend. Two weeks ago, picked up a nice red tip for $12 (though I went back and paid $2 more voluntarily because the woman told me she paid $14) and a nice Slim for $7. This past weekend, struck out entirely. That's how it goes. But it's fast and I've gotten to know all the proprietors. They see me and will immediately say, "No razors today" or "Take a look at this" before I even open my mouth.
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