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Vintage April, 2023


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Please join me for Vintage April, 2023!

We'll dedicate the entire month of April for vintage razors of all types, DE & SE! :)

Let's update the definition of 'vintage' to include any DE or SE razor manufactured 1973 or earlier. In other words, any razor 50 or more years old.

Beginning on 4/1, I'll start posting my vintage DE & SE shaves to this thread. If you would like to do so, please feel free to post your vintage shaves and comments.

Have Fun and Happy Shaves. :cool:
The Progress is out, Slim and Fatboy fit in, so how old is my Schick?

Well its like this and Adjustable April? Geez my Fatboy and Slim can do both! I can say that I have a few in there that qualify for the pre 1973 but my birth year one would be after the cutoff however if @Guido75 can use his I don't see an issue with mine, the Black Beauty so that would be another adjustable as well!

As I am updating my razor shaving den with more moderns like the Lambdas however.........

Al Pacino GIF

The vintages... Gillette.......... oh I did add some techs as well on top of the others, just remembered. Since its only when I use a vintage I am sure I will use a few times.

P.S. I just really wanted to use that Gif for so long so it works here. :001_smile


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Here's who is in so far:

1) never-stop-learning
2) Multum in parvo
3) Guido75
4) cryhavoc
5) Cal
6) Sinbad11
7) Major Overkill
8) Ron R
9) Whiterook
10) purecro

To add your name, please copy the entire list, paste it in your post and add your name. :)
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