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US automaker bailout poll

Should the US bail these ungrateful automakers out?

  • Too bad, let them sink!

  • Blindly hand over 25 billion

  • Provide limited assistance in other ways.

Results are only viewable after voting.
I wonder how long it will take for the President Elect to replace Paulson? :rolleyes: He's on the transition short list I betcha.
Today on Meet the Press, James Baker was suggesting some radical stuff

MR. BAKER: I agree. I agree 100 percent. We can only have one president at a time, but nothing would do more to create confidence and, and eliminate the fear and anxiety that's out there, particularly in the finance--in financial markets, than to see the incoming president and the outgoing president get together on a--on some sort of a proposal or, or program over the short term. I'm not talking about the, the mid, the mid-term or, or long-term correction of the economy, but something that would do a little more perhaps to make sure that our, that our banks don't continue to slide down and, and that would stabilize our financial system, which is critical.
The suggestion is along the lines of "Let's get the new guy in right now and have him start fixing things".
I was hoping to see a plan from the CEO's that presented a 'Win-Win-Win' proposal, which is no different than applying to a bank for a loan:

A needed loan so the companies will not fail (this is a win);

A win for the employees, both former and present; and,

A win for the taxpayer, who is actually making the loan, with security for the loan.

This whole thing could be a money maker for everyone. But as usual, the people making the decisions, the politicians, and those greedy appointees, Paulson, are going to protect themselves first at the expense of the taxpayer.:mad:
These plants are uniquely tooled to build specific vehicles. While in most ways any given auto plant is much like any other, much of the production is based on very specifically engineered machinery designed for specific purposes. I'm sure GM realizes that the Hummer isn't the best choice of vehicle for this plant to build in today's economy, but it will take a major overhaul for the production line to enable production of an entirely different type of vehicle. Changing the operation from a utility vehicle to a pickup truck is not as drastic as moving from a Hummer to a compact car.
I understand the implications to Joe Blow, but why should I have to help pay for GM to rectify an enormous lack of understanding of the needs of today's automobile consumer? Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't GM just recently announce or introduce a new model of Hummer?
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