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Unexpectedly one of the best Shaving Soaps Available

I wanted to share this as I unexpectedly discovered this by accident and will NEVER use anything else !

My wife has used "Shisiedo" makeup for a long time. We currently live in any area where the major department stores do not have a "Shisiedo counter" and she asks me to to pick up her makeup during my business travels.

They typically give you samples when you by makeup and one time, because I am man, they gave put in some samples from the men’s line. There was a tube labeled "Cleansing Foam". I decided to try it for shaving and was in for a BIG SURPRISE. Applied with my shaving brush, I got the smoothest, creamiest foam from a little amount of product. It also smells great ! On top of this, my shave was one of the closets as the product is a great lubricant.

After using the sample, I bought the full size and discovered it actually IS intended to be shaving soap as well as a cleansing foam according to the documentation included.

You only need use an amount that is about the equivalent of a No 2 pencil eraser to get a full face of great foam.

I am SO PLEASED with this soap, I have been using it for about 3 years now. I will not use anything else.. !

"Try it... You'll Like/Love it " :001_smile

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I cant imagine using the same thing for 3 years. I have been using one soap for 3-4 months and am getting tired of it but if it works for you then thats good
I happen to have this product still sealed...
Never thought of using it with a brush nor as a shaving cream but will try it now that you mention this.
It surprised me when I bought the product, opened it to find they intend it to be a shaving soap per the documentation with it, but do not reference this on the packaging at all...

I think the are "selling themselves short" on this one...

It could also be that they do have a "shaving soap", but I used the sample of that and it was not so good....
I have used other products in between "off and on" such as when I run out or forget to take some "home" with me (as I am on assignement for work), but nothing seems to be "as good" and as "smooth".. I bought some "Williams" soap at home this past Christmas as I was out of soap completely. I have used Williams in the past, but this time it "smelled" really bad to me and is definitely not as foamy a product.. This is why I continually stay with this stuff...
Where can it be bought? How much do you pay for it and at what quantity, e.g. 150 ml for fifteen EURO?
+1. Except where can it be bought in the U.S.?? I'll take a sample and try it before going all out with a full sized tube.

It can be purchased in any major department store that has beauty counters. You can ask them for a sample. This is how I discovered it.,
Sounds like you're selling the stuff. That good you wouldn't use anything else?

No... I am not selling it and have no interests...:001_smile I just wanted to share what I considered a unique find and a great shave.. I have/do use other products when I don't take it with me on my travels, but it is "that good" is the nature of my statement about "using anything else".. :biggrin1:
Where can it be bought? How much do you pay for it and at what quantity, e.g. 150 ml for fifteen EURO?

For most of the posts that asked similar questions:

It can be purchased (worldwide) at an major department store that has beauty counters, specifically a Shiseido counter. You can also buy it on-line from a department store like Macy's, Nordstroms, etc, or other "beauty" sites.

It comes in a 125ml size and runs around 20 USD or so,, It lasts a long time however...

IF you have a store that carries it, like some of the folks stated, you can ask them for a sample and they will give you a small tube,,, This can tell you if I am "wrong or right :001_smile
I swear by the Shiseido Brushless Cream.
It gives me the smoothest shaves of anything I've tried.

The only problem is, no brush = no fun.
great products though.
Sounds intriguing, I'd like to try it.

But is it really a good idea to send LOTH to the makeup counter at Macy's and encourage her to buy stuff?:w00t:

I suppose the gamble must be taken.

I m using this Cleansing foam for years now , tried it for shaving but never with my brush .....I ll give a try tomorrow...it is a pity I'm already shaved now:001_smile

But is it really a good idea to send LOTH to the makeup counter at Macy's and encourage her to buy stuff?

I suppose the gamble must be taken.

Especially once they get their first whiff of 'Mall Air' It energizes them somehow.

Safer to just order some on-line at someplace like Amazon. I found it there for a little over twenty bucks. Maybe next time I order something I'll get a tube...
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