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Traditional SR Shaving Instructions for Beginners - Issue 7


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Attached is the latest issue (issue 7) of Traditional SR Shaving Instructions For Beginners. The instructions have been revised to show the current knowledge and have been split up into parts for easier access. The parts are:
  • SR Shaving Instructions QS Guide Rev A - a Quick-Start guide for those who know everything and don't need instructions [5 pages].
  • SR Shaving Instructions For Beginners Rev G - the complete instructions [15 pages].
  • SR Shaving Instructions Annex II (Balsa Strops) Rev A [14 pages].
In the next issue I hope to be able to add another part covering lapping films and how to use from bevel-set to shave-ready.


  • QS Guide Rev A.pdf
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  • Instructions Rev G.pdf
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  • Balsa Strops Rev A.pdf
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