Top 5 Essential Blades.

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    Not in any order:
    1. GSB
    2. Polsilver SI
    3. 7 O'Clock SS Green
    4. Astra SP
    5. Voskhod
    6. German Wilkinson Sword
    Plus some others - I like varity, and always YMMV.
  1. I gotta try Nacets - have one tuck from a sampler.
    I'm intrigued by the good reviews....
  2. 1. Polsilver SI
    2. Gilette Sliver Blue
    3. 7OC Yellow
    4. Permasharp
    5. Nacet

    Honorable Mention Rapira Platinum Lux
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  3. These threads are hard to read. We need a poll somewhere where all (or nearly all) are listed and then people can pick as many from the list as they like. The one(s) with the most votes wins! But it would be a lot of work to create such a poll and not sure if B&B would allow one to create a poll with so many choices.

    My list:

    1. Kai <--- pretty much only use this
    2. Feather
    3. Gillette Black (India)
    4. -
    5. -
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  4. My 5 in no particular order
    Rubie Plus
    Astra SP
    Wilkinson Sword Chindia
  5. No order:

    1) Wilky Light;
    2) Personna 74;
    3) Polsilver;
    4) GSB;
    5) Nacet
  6. <<--in consideration of this date. Could change tomorrow.

    Polsilver Super Iridium
    Astra Superior Platinum
    Gillette Platinum*
    Voshhok Teflon Coated
    BIC Chrome Platinum

    * could substitute any premium Gillette blade here. Gillette could easily move up the list considering Astra SP is P&G owned. I have had good shaves w/ the Gillettes DEs used so far.
  7. 1. Kai Stainless Steel.
    2. Gillette Platinum.
    3. Astra Superior Platinum, (Green).
    4. Gillette 7 O┬┤Clock Super Stainless.
    5. Feather New Hi-Stainless.
  8. My top 5

    1)Polsilver S.I.
    3)Treet Platinum
    4)Wilkinson Sword Classic
    5)7 O'clock Super Platinum
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  9. BiC Chrome Platinum
    German Wilkinson Sword
    Personna Lab Blue/Comfort Coated

    5th spot hasn't been won yet, possibly either Crystal or Rapira Swedish Supersteel.
  10. 1. Personna 74
    2. Wilkinson Light Brigade
    3. Wilkinson Medical Prep from 1982
    4. Wilkinson London Bridge (Made in
    5. Feather FHS-10 for my Oneblade Razors
  11. lancre

    lancre Contributor

    No particular order:

    Derby Extra
    Personna Labs/Meds
    Wilkinson Sword (Ger. or Eng.)
    Gillette 7 O'Clock SS

    Personna PTFE coated
  12. There's only one blade I've found thus far that's worth using where it:

    a) gives me a close shave after 2 passes
    b) doesn't nick me or create weepers
    c) leaves zero irritation

    1. Voskhod
    2. Voskhod
    3. Voskhod
    4. Voskhod
    5. Voskhod
  13. My updated Top Blades, roughly in order (for now)

    1. Gillette Platinum
    2. 7 O'Clock Yellow
    3. Iridium Super / Polsilver
    4. Silver Blue
    5. PermaSharp Super
    6. Nacet
  14. Oh hell, who doesn't love to get sucked into a subjective DE blade poll...LOL . See below.
    ***Disclaimer - Your blade choices are dependent on beard thickness, coarseness, and skin sensitivity. Ultimately personal preferences are the priority.***

    1> Personna Platinum (Israeli) Reds
    2> PolSilver
    3> Feather
    4> KAI
    5> Rapira Swedish
    Honorable mention> Astra SP
  15. 1. Gillette Silver Blue
    2. Gillette Nacet
    3. Voskhod
    4. Rapira Platinum Lux
    5. Lord Silver Star
  16. Every 4 months or so this changes:

    Gillette 7 O'Clock Green SS
    Chroma Diamont Stainless
    Rapira Platinum Lux
    Voskhod Teflon

    #6 and 7

  17. no order

    excluding feather

    personna red
    personna blue
    rapira lux
    astra sp
  18. Surprised at the lack of 7 O'Clock Yellow in peoples' Top 5's, given the occasional outbursts of support for it here. Personally, my list varies from time to time but the Yellow is always on it!
  19. Chindia? Are they made in both countries?

    My list:
    Wilkinson Sword India
    Treet Platinum
    Shark SC
    Super Max diamond edge
    Lord Chrome

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