Top 5 Essential Blades.

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    GEM Personna PTFE
    Proline P-30
    7 o'clock Yellow
  1. In order of preference:

    1. Personna 74
    2. Polsilver SI
    3. Schick Plus Platinum
    4. Bolzano
    5. PermaSharp
  2. Razor dependent, of course, my top four .....

  3. Polsilvers, Gillette Yellow, Gillette Black, Gillette Nacet, Kai
  4. Not including NOS discontinued blades

    1. Polsilver Super Iridium
    2. Gillette 7 o’clock black
    3. Kai
    4. Gillette Rubie
    5. Personna Red

    Honorable mention
    Astra Sp
  5. johnwick

    johnwick Contributor

    Astra SP
    Wilkinson Sword (Germany)
  6. Personna Platinum
    Astra SP
    Classic Wilkinson Sword
    Gillette 7 O'Clock Super Stainless
    Gillette Silver Blue
  7. Ron R

    Ron R Contributor

    Every time I use a new blade after a couple of weeks I update my photo chart, latest entry is the Gem Personna SS PTFE blade and just my opinion of the feel of the blade like a lot of shaving gear we like to give opinions on. A blade for every beard type & skin sensitivity. For my medium beard & skin type I like the ones that are sharp & smooth crossing over into the sharpest part of the chart seems to work the best for myself.
    Blade review Revision #5 Dec14-2018.jpg
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  8. 1.Feather
    2.Personna Blue (Lab Prep)
    3.Perma Sharp
    4.Shark Super Chrome
    5.Wilkinson Sword (Germany)
  9. Gillette yellow
    Gillette Russia black
    Gillette minora
    Personna red

    Honorable mention:
    Diamonds excell
    Lord platinum
  10. 1.) Made in England Wilkinsons (Light Brigade being my favorite)
    2.) London Bridge
    3.) Swedish Gillettes
    4.) Medical Prep Personnas
    5.) Feather
  11. 1. Polsilver
    2. Gillette Nacet
    3. Feather
    4. Rapira Plat Lux
    5.Astra SP
  12. Top 5 blades, pretty much in order. Top two get the most use.

    Gillette Platinum
    Gillette Silver Blue
    Gillette Nacet
    Gillette Rubie Plus
    PolSilver Super Iridium
  13. Gillette 7 0'Clock Blacks.
    Derby Premium (havent tried the Extras)
  14. Gillette Black (India)
    Dorco prime platinum
    Personna red
  15. BIC one of the sharpest blade straight out of wrappers second only to feather.
    Of course ymmv
  16. How long can this thread go on? Oh well, I'll play.

    1) Nacet
    2) GSB
    3) Feather
    4) Bic
    5) Astra SP
  17. I have only three:
    1. Feather
    2. Personna Blue
    3. Perma Sharp
  18. 6 year old thread ... haha

    1. SharpEdge (7 O'Clock Yellow)
    2. Polsilver
    3. Silver Blue
    4. Nacet

    Honorable mentions:

    Astra, for a reliable, good quality shave in any razor
    Feather, for giggles once in a while
    Rapira PL, for a day or two after I see a political Gillette ad on TV

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