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Top 3 soaps

I saw this for brushes awhile back and since I am just getting started with shaving soaps (1st shave with QED stick today and I love it) I was wondering what are your top 3 favorite soaps? I want to know brand and scent. Is there one soap out there that you clearly like better?

Mama Bear Spicey Lime, Mama Bear Sandalwood Vanilla, Mama Bear Rosemary & Lime. Did I mention Mama Bear?

This list may change soon as Mama Bear is sending me some new scents :lol: :lol:
Honeybee. Bay Rum. Fantastic soap, and I love the mild warm spicy comfortable scent of her Bay Rum.

QED. You have to try the Sandlewood. Also love the Pine & Cedar, but can burn slightly if your skin is sensitive to the oils in it.
Not necessarily in this order (too early to say yet)

Arko Shave Stick - only one scent
QED - P/TT/P (but they're all great :drool: )
Olivia - King Kong
Crema Cella Sapone - only one scent
Mama Bear - Rosemary Mint
AOS - sandalwood

In that order.

For me, top shelf soaps are better than "cheap" soaps.

When it comes to creams though, I find a lot of "cheap" creams to be just as good as expensive ones. Except for Floris creams.
T&H Luxury soap
Col. Conk

The T&H was my first high end soap, it's still my favourite and I have tried many soaps.
Without question - WAY out in the lead Will G Shea Butter shaving soap.


Mamma Bear Rosemary/Mint
As of now winners are
1.Provence Santé - absolutely incredible
2.C&E Nomad - great soap great smell
3.Pré de Provence - another great soap

Will was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I have not seen any updates as to his condition or prognosis, but at the time it was announced, it appeared that his time was short. God bless he and his family.

Jack Bauer said:
Is there anywhere to buy the Will G shave soap? I couldn't find it on ebay.


Not at this time. But if it helps, Will G was a customer of Honeybee- Spa before making his own soaps. I assume he was inspired by the Honeybee Shea Butter shaving soap in the creation of his own. Although I never tried the Will G soap, I bet it was a very good soap.

My vote for the best soaps available would be:

Honeybee-Spa Shae Butter shaving soap in any fragrance.
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