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Tom's of Maine - APRICOT flouride toothpaste

Ahem.... yes Apricot toothpaste... seriously - look....



When I saw this at the store - I couldn't resist giving it a try, especially after having smelled it. It smells like a fresh halved apricot. Put your nose up to this toothpaste and you are really taken aback... it is such a rich, lush, NATURAL (non-sweetened) smell, it really peaks your curiosity.

I got out my Sonicare and gave this stuff ago... and I am in love. To my surprise, it blew Marvis away (as far as taste goes) and really did one hell of a job cleaning my teeth. It also had some natural concoction for "dry mouth" and it really seemed to make your mouth feel incredible.

Overall - I was HIGHLY impressed, and I HIGHLY recommend this toothpaste for a very fun changeup to a daily, mundane activity!
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Thanks for the heads up Joel. I've been using Tom's mint toothpaste off and on, and I'm a big fan. I wasn't aware that apricot was available.

I also use the Tom's Natural of Maine but the orange-mango flavor and it is also out of this world. The Tom's line is sometimes hard to find in most regular super markets since it is not that well known and can be a little pricey. I would recommend Whole Foods store if you have one in your area. Here is a link to Whole Foods and the cities/states it is in.



Tom's of Maine makes great toothpastes. If you happen to be a big fan of the gum "Big Red" you owe it to yourself to try their Cinnamint flavor. It's just like brushing your teeth with that gum.
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