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Timeless Razor Blue Shaving Bowl is the best $12 you'll spend on gear

I have the Pereria bowl and Timeless bowl. While I slightly prefer the Pereria bowl because of its size and brush holder, I think the Timeless bowl is a better value. I can make great lather in either bowl.

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The Timeless bowl I ordered for my son arrived last night. We gave it a test run (he's early in his journey and has only been face lathering up till now) using Proraso White from the tub. Wow, he heavily loaded the brush but it was still the bet Proraso lather I've ever seen. Then we tried some Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood cream. Another great batch of lather. Finally, I tried Proraso Blue cream from a tube for the first time and was rewarded with a wonderful lather. To bad I didn't need a shave.
I own the bowl and actually rarely use it for building lather, but rather soaking my brushes while I'm in the shower and also rinsing my brush out when done shaving (it works amazingly well for that... just fill with water and swirl several times)
I did another test lather with my Timeless bowl & a large brush and it worked out just fine. This bowl is a keeper and the best bang for your buck of any bowl available. Love it!
I have a number of wonderful ceramic, copper, and stone bowls and scuttles. I purchased the Timeless plastic bowl for a trip to the middle east as I wanted a truly indestructible bowl for travel. I like this cheap plastic bowl so much, that it has become my regular daily driver. I like everything about this bowl as I can use my larger brushes and generate truly voluminous lather. My other bowls are sitting idle and many will be gifted. I will only keep those given to me as gifts but the Timeless will get the most use.
Another great shave with the Timeless bowl. I've gotten use to it and I really like it now. Anyone sitting on the fence with this and can't decide to if to buy it, I say jump in! You will like it. An excellent tool every shaver should have.

I fill the Timeless with hot water, soak my brush in it, and float the entire thing in a sink of hot water while I shower. It holds a bit of heat and keeps my lather warm while I shave.

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I recently "upgraded" mine...

I got this new turlish bowl, with a handle. Decided to hang it with s-hooks. Since the hooks came in a two pack and it seemed odd to have only one bowl hanging, I decided to drill a hole in the timeless.

So far (2 uses) I haven't had any issues with lather coming through... It's high enough and small enough. It adds convenience to storage and a cool factor to the den. Lol.
What I like about the Timeless bowl is that it is not too big to hold comfortably in your hand and yet it is big enough that even with a large brush it keeps all the lather from over-flowing.
I think it's the best bang for your buck in lather bowls.
too deep/narrow for me and the ridges are too tall, trapping the lather in a way that it has to be 'dug' out of the bottom. horses for courses and all that, but i prefer the captain style bowl with shallower sides and shallower ridges.