Timeless Razor Blue Shaving Bowl is the best $12 you'll spend on gear

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    I've been wet shaving for years and years and have mostly been a face latherer. Lately I've been bowl lathering though, and I've been testing out various lather bowls. Good Lord, the Timeless Razor Blue Shaving Bowl is such an amazing piece of kit, and only $12. It gives me epic lathers in just a few seconds. Unbreakable. Feels like it'll last 800 years. Highly recommended, and definitely worth a try.
  1. luv2shave

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    I agree. Its a bargain and the fact that it is unbreakable makes the deal amazing. However I use it for quick shaves and most of the days I have the other shave bowls which take center stage like Captain's choice, Fine accoutrements, Crown king and many others. Shaving Bowl AD is one thing ....
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    Thanks for sharing, I much prefer the unbreakable shaving bowls and mugs. I normally do not use them but I am starting to change.
  3. Couldn't agree more. Fantastic bowl for an even greater price.
  4. I agree. Great bowl and value. Its the perfect size to snugly hold a sv puck thats what i use it for since i face lather
  5. Great looking bowl at a terrific price! :a14::a14:
  6. Per their website:

    “It also holds heat longer than higher priced ceramic or stainless steel shaving bowls.”

    If this were a scuttle I’d understand. What am I missing here?
  7. Dont know what thats about. Its made of plastic so not sure what heat retention properties are there but its a lather bowl anyway.
  8. I have always been a bowl latherer and have a number of nice bowls and scuttles. Last year I made an extended trip to the Middle East and wanted a bowl that was unbreakable so I bought the Timeless bowl. I didn't have great expectations considering it was plastic but I was very pleasantly surprised. The bowl is large and has high sides. I can use my largest brushes with ease. It now has become my standard for daily use while my very nice scuttles sit in the shaving cabinet. Good thing too as I recently knocked it off the counter onto a hard ceramic floor and of course no problem.
  9. Old face lathering curmudgeon here. Have no doubt it works fine. However, skeptical regarding heat holding vis-à-vis ceramic bowls. And frankly, even $12 might be a tad more than it should cost. It is just a plastic bowl with ridges. How much can it cost to make? Yada, yada. Old grumpy man rant aside, looks like it should do the job.
  10. I am a big Timeless fan, but have never tried their lathering bowl. I am currently using the Captain's Choice bowl and love it. The one thing stopping me from buying the Timeless bowl is that the sides look a bit too steep...do you get a lot of clicking from the brush handle hitting the sides as you lather?
  11. Looks like a nice bowl. Wish it came in other colors like clear translucent. The model name is TRBOWL2 - Is this the only version or is there a TRBOWL1?
  12. The sides are higher than say the Captain's Choice bowl for sure. However, the sides flair out slightly so with a normal to long handled brushes, I have no issues with clicking. Also, since the bowl is plastic, there is very little clicking anyway. I find this bowl to be robust and well designed. The bowl is very functional and ergonomic, especially with 24mm brushes and larger. Man you can whip up a ton of lather in this puppy.
  13. Excellent bowl. Well worth the $$. Will outlast you for sure. Great Luther in a short period of time
  14. I would wish that it was more hemispherical.
    If you float the lather bowl in a sink of hot water (like I do), then you want the rapid conduction of heat that a thin-walled stainless bowl gives you.
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    Gear satisfaction is worth a lot!

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    It's an awesome bowl for sure. Only bowl I keep permanently in my bathroom for those quivk shaves. Takes abuse like nothing else. Got mine with a polished set of timeless razor set !
  17. Kind of thinking about one of these myself. Everybody that owns one still happy with them? Another question did they get rid of the version before this one since this one is a 2.
    I think I better shop around and see who's got a free shipping deal around this time of the year black Friday ish.
    The only other one I found this indiegogo $23 plus $15 shipping give up a credit card number, but it's nice
  18. +1 for the
    Timeless Razor Blue Shaving Bowl
  19. This seems to be a really great lather bowl. I have one coming in tomorrow and I can't wait to try it.


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