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Canada Shaving Soap Longevity Test


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Thank you @musicman1951

Very useful info. At current Amazon pricing, I can get 2 tubs of CSS for the price of one MdC. So by your math, 1440 passes worth of shaves which is fortunate as I have a soft spot for that polar bear. :001_wub:
Thanks so much for this - I haven't been able to catch CSS on Amazon, and the price from the vendor is considerably higher. I just ordered a tub on Amazon. MdC has raised it's shipping costs to eye-popping levels, so CSS around $32 is a steal.


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For some reason, the US amzn site lists Canada Shaving Soap as Liphontcta even though that company doesn’t own/make/distribute and even though Peter Stasiuk has complained to amzn that he’s the rightful owner of the brand.

I complained to amzn.com, too, but they probably dismissed because of my complaints against the terrible, final season of Matlock (which is in Prime Video with limited commercial interruptions).
I tried Canada for the first time today - wonderful shave!

This was purchased as a gift for my son, who prefers “scentless” or “plain” scents. But I scraped some shavings off the top of the puck, so I could test out myself. ;-)

This soap lathers very well, and performs great! and truly is “scentless”. It is somewhat similar to MdC, as far as ease of lathering and lather quality go. It may be just a touch less slick as MdC? (less glycerin?).

I think I will make another order, for myself. ;-P

The gift for my Son also includes a synth brush, some 4711 AS, and some blades. (as pictured)

I selected the 4711 because Ive read reviews that it performs well, and is very mildly scented? It’s scent is on the mild side, but is a bit more apparent than I was led to believe? I find it to be no less scented than say a Speick? Not bad by any means, though. fruity (citrus) and woody.

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