Timeless Razor Blue Shaving Bowl is the best $12 you'll spend on gear

Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by nicked789, Nov 1, 2018.

    You will not be disappointed. !
  1. I find the sides a bit high and steep for my liking, as far as lathering goes. I use it to hold soap samples in under my sink (it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing bowl for displaying either), and will occasionally also use it for soaking a couple razors in soapy water. Decent enough bowl for $12.
  2. emwolf

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    i might have to splurge for this!
  3. Try it you’ll love it!
  4. Its a great bowl. I prefer my scuttle though for lovely warm soothing lather.
  5. I use the Fine bowl but did order the Timeless for my son. Should be here by Friday. I'm looking forward to seeing it in action.
  6. I also own the Fine bowl but I like the fact that this one is unbreakable and if I drop it, it won't break my sink.
  7. Scuttles are nice in the cool weather. I don't use mine much in the summer.
  8. I used the Timeless bowl today. It is sure worth the $12.00 it cost.
  9. My only bowl, save for a travel dog bowl for trips. It's absolutely awesome for the price. Timeless nailed it, imo.
  10. We need lather pics with this shave bowl.!
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  12. I sent a member a lathering pictorial of sorts some time ago. Here's a few clips of that to show the bowl... I can probably do a better one Tonight if you need better pics... [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  13. How much with shipping, all in?
  14. Nice lather pics guys.! :thumbsup:
  15. Those ridges at the bottom are no joke, either. This thing makes great lather.

    Regarding shipping... A quick Google search doesn't appear to have anybody with free shipping. WCS seems to be around 5/6 bucks. Maggard's is around 4 bucks. Of course, this is going to vary based on where you're shipping it to.

    Oops, One addition... Maggard's with 122 in stock, FYI. Lol
  16. Maggard's has always been reasonable on shipping for me.
  17. They are a nice price
  18. $16.87 for me. Still a good deal.
  19. Not bad. It’s definitely a good “add on” to a razor order, where you’re getting free shipping.

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