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Timeless 68, Psycho Techs, British Gillettes, RFBs and Flat Bottoms, Delta Echo Razors!, Rotbart, etc.

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Continuing the downsizing for a nomadic RV lifestyle. Getting into some sweet razors now!

Prices include Continental USA Shipping and Paypal fees. International buyers please reach out so we can evaluate any shipping options.

If you want more than one item, PM for some bundle discounts. The more you buy, the more you save! Just looking to find these razors good homes!

1) Timeless 68 Polished Stainless. This is a beauty. Not sure what this handle is called anymore. I think its the "dimpled" or "pineapple" handle. I have had this razor for many years. But it has become slightly too mild for me, as I like aggressive razors now. But what a smooth and comfortable shaver this is. I think its the scalloped base. Please correct me if I am wrong. This would cost $210 new, or $185 on scratch and dent. Will sell this one for $140. Includes box. Dont have the original polishing cloth handy, sorry. Excellent used condition. $140

2) Two Psycho Techs! Made in England. My two beloved Psycho Techs must go!

The first Psycho Tech has what I suspect is a beautifully crafted Replica Key from RE. How do I know this is a replica? Because the workmanship on this key surpasses that of an original. The date code on the baseplate is D-4. Excellent used condition. See photos. $150

The second Psycho has a stainless aftermarket Key with no chain. But the fit and finish is very good. The date code looks like it says B-3. This razor was purchased as new old stock, but I shaved with it a few times. Excellent used condition. $120

See photos below.

3) Tale of two RFB's.

One is a #77 Gillette RFB in the Bakelite case. Made in England. User grade. There is plating loss on the knurling of the handle and knob. The plating on the head and top of handle is better with some scuffing and wear marks. The case is in good condition. No cracks that I can see. $120

The second is Rotbart MOND EXTRA RFB in the Rotbart branded Bakelite case. User grade. Some wear and tear on the plating. Case has one crack on the left edge of the lid. Comes with 1 NOS vintage Rotbart blade as shown. See photos. $100

4) Three Cased British Techs! Left to right...

- British Tech in a brown Bakelite Case. Ball Handle. Comes with an NOS Pal blade. Plating is not perfect, but its in good user grade condition. Maybe a little better than that. See photos. $80

- British FLAT Bottom Tech in brown Bakelite Case. It has the handle that looks like the American Fat Handle, but thinner, and made in England. Plating is in good user grade condition. Case is in good shape. Comes with 5 NOS Blue blades as shown. $90

- British FLAT Bottom Tech in RED/WHITE Bakelite case. At least I think this is bakelite. Too early to be plastic. Case and razor are in great user grade condition. Nearing collector quality. But it has been used. By me at the very least. Great razor. Comes with paper insert and one Blue blade as pictured. $100

5) Four LOOSE British Techs. Left to right...

Not sure if these are the right names, but here goes: British Ball End Spiral Tech, aluminum handle ; British Spiral Tech with Aluminum Handle ; British Ball End Tech with Alumiunum Handle. ; Brish Ball End Tech, not aluminum handle... heavier... steel or brass...

All in decent user grade shape. No Cases. See pics. Great razors. $45 each.

6) TWO DELTA ECHO GILLETTES. One is New LC. One is a Late 40's Tech with the Fat handle. Delta Echo was a company that I believe started doing the ceracoted vintage razors in a very artist way. Their workmanship was top notch. Their coatings were amazingly smooth and looked perfect. However, the owner was quite controversial and I dont think the company lasted. No longer in business as far as I can tell. But these razors have been a staple in my collection for many many years. They are truly beautiful and functional works of art. They are both in great shape, with original boxes. TECH is $60. NEW LC is $75.

7) Two Old Beaters. :)

These two are as I found them in the wild. First up is a Gold Tech in the case. Second is a gold NEW LC in a Red & Black case. Not sure if the razor and the case belong together. But the razor fits, and NEW LC came originally in the Red & Black set. These are not bad user grade examples. With a little cleanup, the razors and cases could be really nice. Or they might be good candidates for replating at BRG? $40 each.

8) US Service Set. Needs restoration.

This is a really cool set. Lots of wear. OLD Type with the typical cracked handle. Needs work. It does include the mirror! Which is a good thing! Blade bank has 3 NOS vintage Gillette blades. The original King C Gillettes. The case has wear and someone scribbled their initials in the name plate area of the lid. I can see this one being used in the trenches during WWI. A real historical piece. Someone needs to get this and restore it to its proper glory! $50

Pics to Follow:
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Dances with Wolfs
1) Timeless 68 Polished Stainless.

2024-02-24 09.21.32.jpg

2024-02-24 09.23.03.jpg

2024-02-24 09.22.21.jpg

2024-02-24 09.21.22.jpg


Dances with Wolfs
OMG Brad - what a motherload of goodies!

GLWTS! Buy with total confidence from this very fine gent.

Thank you!

I'll bet this sale hurts just a little bit... or more... GLWTS, Brad.

Speaking personally.... I just love that dimpled handle of the Timeless SS 0.68. I wish Timeless would make all their handles available in all the metals they offer... But alas, they don't.

The only thing that hurts a lot on this one is the pair of Psychos. I am driven to downsize. It’s a mission now. But those Psychos are hard to come by. And very cool pieces. Everything else is awesome too. But they all need to find new homes.
Good luck with the sale. You have some nice razors for sale. FWIW, downsizing into an RV can be very gratifying though somewhat difficult initially at least in my personal experience. All those material things can be a true millstone around your neck. We did the downsizing back in 2015, full timed for almost 5 years and the reverse in 2020 back into a home. We kept our RV and now live in a home with an attached RV garage so we ended combining both lifestyles. Good luck with all of this and safe travels. PM me if you desire any information.
The razor emporium reproduction psycho keys are SIGNIFICANTLY lighter than an original key. Aluminum vs solid brass... is yours light as a Feather or heavy?
I have a reproduction key and they aren't lighter or made from aluminum. Here's from the website....
The Razor
Vintage Condition
New Old Stock, never been used
Original packaging
Limited Stock!
Country of Manufacture: USA

Type: Vintage Set

Finish: Key: Solid Brass with Factory Nickel plating
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