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Time Bandit's Travels

…through the marvelous universe of traditional wet shaving.

This is my story, or so as I remember it….

I used to shave with a Gillette Sensor XL and or a Mach 3 along with so-called shaving cream that came out of cans as goo or foam. This was all I knew. This was all a man could find at any major retail store. The ads Gillette would make always wanted men to believe that their products, their modern way of Shaving was = the best a man could get". Boy were they wrong and so was I for believing that.

My typical shaves involved me smearing some gel or foam on my face, then immediately proceeding to whack off my Whiskers. This was never enjoyable and often was outright a negative experience.

The multi-blade razor heads always got clogged up with goo and whiskers. I would often rub my thumb over the blades, back to front, while under running water just to try and coaks the build-up out. This was never a fun experience and always had me thinking there had to be a better way.

To add to the sentiment was the frustration of how expensive the razor cartridges were. Going to the store just to hand one $20-$40 for these multi-bladed fiascos was angering, to say the least. On top of all the frustrations and issues with this "modern" way of shaving the fact that at the end of the day it served to make the shaving experience a negative one that wasn't fun. It wasn't fun at all!

I knew in the back of my mind that straight razors still existed but didn't know about double-edge or single-edge razors. That is until one day I went searching and found Badger and Blade.

This was sometime around early 2012. I decided to get on the internet and actually do some research into possible alternatives. I was tired of being lied to by the advertising and ticked off by the cost of the disposable razor heads so I looked. Little did I know what I would find.

From the moment I found BadgerandBlade.com I knew I had found a special place. It's hard to describe how or why, I just knew. The site was largely the same as it is today but nevertheless what I found inside changed me, even to this day.

I started out as most do by poking around in the shadows not making any waves. I started reading various forum threads and quickly realized there was an entire universe I had been missing out on. I was excited and happy at the same time. Even though I was green (unexperienced) I was happy to have simply found the door that would lead me to the road.

What road do you say? The road I'm still on today—the road through the wonderful universe of traditional wet shaving (modern flare included).

What I post from here on out are my travels through this universe, my experiences, and my explorations. I will do my best to recall what has already passed but also continue to share with you my ongoing journey.

So without further ado let me pull out "The Map", open a time hole and get this time travel thing going.
For the sake of cataloging, I'm going to repost some of my shave of the day and mail calls starting with my return to Badger and Blade around May of 2022. I would like to review my thoughts and comment with revised opinion if needed until I'm all caught up to real-time. Once caught up, I'll be adding my new posts here as well as their relevant threads.

Feel free to comment as well if you'd like. I'm open to any and all questions or suggestions.
It turns out one of my original purchases from way back in 2012, a hard puck of D.R. Harris - Arlington, lasted me 10 years! It was this event (me finishing it off) that brought me back to Badger and Blade. It dawned on me that I would be wise to come here again and ask for some help before making any new purchases. I wanted to get some advice on what would really wow my myself (and my lady). The D.R. Harris - Arlington was and is a great soap. It's a fine English brand and I have nothing bad to say about it. I just had a feeling there was something better out there for me. Boy was I in for it returning here.

I've been a frag head since my late teens and love smelling good for my lady so I wanted something new that would really satisfy my love for fine fragrances and add that extra bit of joy to my shaves. Here is the thread I created upon my return asking for some advice.

Soap/Cream recommendations that wow!
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