The Vintage Gillette Aristocrat

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by Graydog, Jun 17, 2017.

    I'm super excited for its arrival, it sure was a pretty penny on the bay.

  1. If you had it delivered to my house, I could get to work on identifying date of manufacture, etc. shouldn't take more than a couple decades. :a17:
  2. I just loved the twisted knurled handle of the British aristocrats. If I don't like it its yours. ;P
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  4. Thanks! I'll look forward to it. :a17:
  5. The '48 Aristocrat has an increased blade gap. There is a crease at the safety guard bar on the '48.

    If you follow the baseplate down to the safety guard bar, you can see the crease. I gave my '47 to a friend, but my Milady-Tech has the same head. If you follow the baseplate, there's no crease.

    The same change is found on the '47 Super speed. Seems they were slow to changing the blade aligning bar.

    IMAG0233_1.jpg IMAG0234_1.jpg IMAG0232_1.jpg
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  7. that´s a nice #66 Aristocrat. If inside the head is "Patent Pending" it´s from 1953/54. Since 1955 it says "Brit.Pat.694 093". If the case shows a crown, it´s a 1953 Coronation set.

  8. I believe then its 1955+, this thing is absolutely stunning in real life. its insane.
  9. Lol. That was funny
  10. My favorite razor is a mint 48-50 Gillette Aristocrat.
  11. That the one I have from my Grandpa!
  12. My favorite
    A gold 48-51 Aristocrat is an awesome Shaver and truly a thing of beauty
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    Undeniably things of beauty. Glad to see this thread revived. Here's an earlier one.

  14. Let me re-ppost my British Aristocrat - a prototype (unsure of the #);

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    Great pic!
  16. Graydog

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    Working Girls ! 20181118_111921.jpg
  17. Still better than a Fat boy.
  18. Not British, I'm afraid. Looks like Saxon...
  19. Outstanding couple, Steve! You always need two of them...?:001_rolle:001_tt2:

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