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The Vintage Gillette Aristocrat

The Vintage Gillette Aristocrat was Gillettes longest running line of Razors
So there must be Hundreds ,Thousands of Aristocrat owners here on The B&B.
Made in England or the USA and other parts of The world I'm sure.
So which one is yours ,ya know The Aristocrat that you just had to have
maybe the 1914 Bell Tube Handle or The Very First TTO 1934 Aristocrat (one of my G.O.A.T'.s)
Razors. Time for show and tell
Dad's after returning home from WWII.

Here's my Aristocrat Jr. ------------------------------- and ----------------- '46-'47 Aristocrat
AristocratJr750.jpg Aristocrat750A2.jpg

along with an unused Aristocrat Adjustable

and my other cased '46-'47 Aristocrat


I didnt know
I've been studying these Aristocrats the last few days, British as well, and scouring eBay and the BS&T. One will be mine! Eventually...
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