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The razors of Kirby Beard and Company


That's fantastic history. Any chance your great-grandfather left any relevant paperwork around? The razors are hard enough to find but paper information is even harder.

If there was any Mike, it's long gone. They left Paris in a rush when the Germans invaded France and lived the rest of their lives in Cambridge. My Great Uncle would have known a lot, but sadly he's no longer with us either.
This site shows scans from a 1936 Kirby Beard catalog.

Moshulu wrote:

"It almost seems that KBC is taking credit for inventing the solid guard bar, a rather surprising claim to the modern collector. Conventional wisdom has it that the SGB was introduced by Gillette in its Tech models in 1938, and, yet, here we have that same advanced feature present a decade earlier! How could this be? After all, there were, arguably, only three true innovations in DE razor design: the SGB, the TTO loading system, and adjustability"

I would like to add another information on SGB: in the early '30s in Italy was sold this razor made by I.T.A.L.I.A. (Industria Torinese Articoli Laminati In Acciaio) with its brand MIRABILIA.


This is an advertising dating 1933


The razor is described like Mirabilia "last creation" but I'm quite sure I've seen older advs.




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Thank you Sir for this information on Mirabilia, another beautiful razor !

Regarding the SGB and "who was first", Darwin filed its patent in 1924, and the schematics clearly showed a SGB razor :

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