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The razors of Kirby Beard and Company

Can I ask moshulu in the photograph you posted in this thread:-

What does this mean - B'te S.G.D.G ?

bte = patented (brevette)

SGDG = sans garanti du guovernement, which means= without warranty of guovernement, a phrase generally means patented without state guarantee.
OK own up - who was lucky enough to win this Kirby




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Kirby's are going completely out of sight. The Leresche razors are not far behind. A Leresche 77 recently sold on the 'Bay for over $300. I'm throwing in the towel.
Congratulations, I guess (sour grapes). Whenever I find a Kirby or a Leresche 77, they seem to go for 5x what you paid! :cursing:
Yes, it was rude of me not to acknowledge the work done on this by the OP. I've learned such a lot from this thread. Kirby has arrived, but I'll wait till the Leresche comes as well before posting some cleaned up pics. But the silver plate on the handle has cleaned up beautifully.
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