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The razors of Kirby Beard and Company

Lovely addition ! It is kind of a Franken, but not so a franken. In my opinion, this is a genuine Kirby model, that Kirby sold when a customer asked for an open comb rather than Kirby's comb. This was at a time when the closed comb was still new, and surely some customer didn't like change and preferred a more aggressive / traditional option. Since Kirby razors were made by Leresche, it was easy to have access to unbranded parts that were compatible with their models.
Thanks for your opinion, love your website by the way =) I have learned a lot from you guys. I begun with vintage Gillette and then fall in love with all the French razors. I want a Leresche #77, never used that one, and love the looks. Merci =p
My leresche 77#, but it doesn't seem to be a mild version, very efficient


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I have seen 2 or 3 gold plated kirbys on another forum. But all the Kirbys that I have seen on here and in other collections over many years have been silver plated. Could these gold plated kirbys have been replates?

Is there any evidence of gold plated kirbys in the official catalogues or in period advertisements?
I think the gold plated specimens are just that rare and it was a special purchase back in the day. Maybe Kirby & Beard didn't even offer the gold plating for all the years these razors were in production 🤔

These are the two specimens I have come across os far:

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