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The razors of Kirby Beard and Company

here is my last aquisition: fluted kirby with separate tightening knob and smooth cap. serial number 109031 (1931). Inscriptions on the handle: "MADE IN FRANCE" (upper part) and "BREVETE' S.G.D.G.".

Wow! Only Kirby I knew was my Grandmothers Kirby vacuum. It weighed as much as an old Plymouth and had a steel nozzle that resembled the nozzles in old NYC street flushers.. Wonder if it's the same company? Have to look this up. Nice tools!
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Just arriwed one friend of mzne said that this is so called "Cow set" and that he was produced 1936. Is that correct?

Just arrived friend tell me that this is so call "Cow set" is it right ?
Well, "cow" is a weird way of describing it, "leather bound case" might be more appropriate :D

Note the smooth top cap, this indicates an early model, so it fits the 1930s era, yes (check the date code underneath, the last two digits are presumably the year of manufacture). And we are sure it is the original cap, as it has the little metal "prongs" (in lack of a better term) at each corner.

"Au Galop" was a blade brand manufactured by Leresche, and this razor was also made by Leresche, so they fit in quite nicely there ;)
Date code is 109036. Friend also tell me that this set was producet only 1936. He was dedictated to French national sweepstake - Grand prix de Paris, and with every set was packed this ticket.

maybe that is razor why this blades are also in set.
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