The razors of Kirby Beard and Company

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    That's amazing. Well done. Should be Wiki'd. And by the way, I think I might have mentioned it before but that brush is the only one I've seen that looks good hanging on a stand. Mind you, couldn't stash it any other way I guess! From memory, didn't you glue a massive piece of amber on the handle?
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    Fantastic! I have bookmarked this for future reference.
  2. I'm very grateful to everyone for their kind words. It was precisely my intention to inform and please my B&B brothers, and I guess I succeeded!

    I will take a stab at transforming my posting into a Wiki article.

    Good memory, Pjotr. That is indeed a hunk of Baltic amber on my brush, attached to a re-worked antique ivory walking cane handle. Badger knot from TGN, of course.
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  3. Wowsers! Thank you for sitting down and taking the time to compose that post! Enjoyed it immensely
  4. Fabulous dissertation. Thank you Moshulu for this incredible article. I am out of the country now, but will post my serial # from my knurled KBC soon. And I completely agree with you, it is one of the best razors ever. Darjeeling.
  5. Jake

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    Awesome story & display Stefan! Thanks for taking the time to do the research & post it all in this forum. Really great!
  6. Thanks, Jake. I should have mentioned that two of my KBC razors passed through your hands en route to me. Now if I could just acquire your photography skills...

  7. Incidentally, here are the "runners up" in my quest for The Perfect Razor: a silver-plated Tech with an elephant ivory handle, Gillette #16, Karl Engels, Gillette #58, Eclipse, Gillette President, wicked hoary Merkur Slant. Great shavers, all. I lingered with each of these for a couple of weeks or more before moving on to something I liked better.

  8. Nice razors but the second one on the right is a #21.
  9. now that is pure razor porn. N ive got RAD but it is not likely to pass god dammnnn you.
  10. Extraordinarily well done, sir! I've definitely bookmarked this one. BRAVO!
  11. Stephan, I just acquired my very own Leresche open comb yesterday, at a time when I had never heard of the brand. Now, one day later, someone has referred me to this magnificent trove of information. Thank you for this excellent piece of work. It's opened up a new part of the shaving world for me. Bravo, sir!
  12. Awesome post, just awesome.

    I've had a knurled Kirby for a few years. Nice mild shaver with plenty of heft.
  13. That was absolutely one of the best razor description and histories I've ever read. Well done.
  14. Sigh, I thought my RAD had gone away. What an amazingly informative and entertaining post. Now I'm on the hunt for a Laresche!
  15. Very well written and informative piece. Nicely done, sir!
  16. Thank you so much!! I love using vintage shaving gear and it makes it so much more enjoyable when you know the history of an item and a lot of the time it is very difficult to find information so I think you have done an amazing job .
    Well Done.
  17. Impressive, moshulu!!

    The "scalloped head caps" are too cool.
  18. one of the best Traditional wet shave articles in the world....excellent! i am glad it was done by one of our esteemed members here at B&B
  19. ...should be sticky too

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