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FS Kabrand, Kirby Beard & Company, Big Boy Hybrid

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Spring cleaning.
1. Kabrand with case. This is the non slanted version (which I prefer personally). No issues. $200.
2. Kirby Beard & Company. No issues. Case included. $200.
3. Gillette Big Boy Hybrid. Cased with original blade holder. Plating is good but for some brass showing up on areas of the cap. Looks better in real life than on the photos. $250.
Shipping cost to be added. Will ship worldwide (with a few exceptions)


Yep, I agree, that's the Kabrand to get! I say that even though I've got a nice example of the slanted version. Luckily the slanted version also allows for the head to be positioned straight on as I've never understood the benefit of using this razor from the slanted position..looks weirder "on the stand" is all I can figure. Funny thing, too, the only difference between the slanted and the non slanted version is the cap!. Good luck with the sale.
Kabrand SOLD. The last one- the Kirby set is still around (which is somewhat amusing- I thought that was to go the first:). I let it be out for a day or two (otherwise I´ll just keep it).
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