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The "Not Gillette" Vintage DE Thread

Marvelous shave with the Stahly Live Blade. I usually use an alternate handle but i can't argue with the results.

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Here are ads for the 2 Coopers without any branding on the razors.

This one is for the 3pc with the Barbasol floating head style razor

This one is for the Kant Rust adjustable 3pc.
One other Cooper. Pictures from an older completed ebay sale. This is the only Cooper I know of that shares a similar handle style to a Sweedo. I always thought this razor was a Sweedo until seeing it with the original packaging.
cooper1.jpg cooper2.jpg cooper3.jpg

For comparison purposes a Sweedo


Not my picture but I do have the same Filomatic Inox in black. These razors are Spanish made by a company called Basset and were made in the 60s and 70s. The push buttons one are called Filomatic Inox razors and that razor in 1964 won a golden Delta award for industrial design.

The one that is not an Inox is the white handled one I believe it was just called a Filomatic and that is supposed to be designed to take Gibbs style DE blade. I'll be able to verify that once the one I bought gets here.
Here are some more pictures of mine of the 2 major styles of Filomatic DE razors

First is the Filomatic Inox. I don't know if this is design change, manufacturing variance or one not working correctly but I have 2 with different length push buttons. The travel on the piece that pushes up the latch on the handle is also different for the 2. These razors came with different color handles besides black pictured here.

filo2a.jpg filo2b.jpg filo2c.jpg

Here is a Filomatic. It is not an Inox because it is all plastic or bakelite type material. This is also a flip top but it takes a non standard blade like what is used in a French Gibbs. Thankfully because of how the base plate is designed all you need to do is either trim back the tabs or nibble some cutouts and it will sit perfectly on the base plate without any need to adjust the blade for uneven load afterwards. On the underside you can see it has metal lock/unlock tabs push one way to lock and the other to unlock.

filo1a.jpg filo1b.jpg filo1c.jpg


Ilfe from Austria and Danborg from Hungary.
The Ilfe has an unusual steel handle under the brass head and some quality issues.
Shave wise it’s quite similar to the Henso/Asan family.
The Danborg had a nickel plated cap and handle with a bakelite comb. The handle was replaced for a Swing as the original is pretty crude for my taste. The comb has a steep curve, so shave wise it’s a really rigid, blade forward design.

B0772699-21AC-452C-B3B6-AD35D86AE60C.jpeg A50906F5-9A9C-4429-AF91-4D1B3A1B0C02.jpeg



The Ilfe started to rust again, so made a new handle from spares. Needs some further polishing and a coat of nickel.

5EB82B4B-F3A6-4F00-A767-69836438F406.jpeg C7201742-15E9-498E-8CDB-DF034BDB99E1.jpeg

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