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The Nib Acquisitions 2020

Newton Townsend (small) F nib
Dark purple ripple ebonite (on right in photo) arrived the end of July. Continuously inked since. Currently with Lamy Dark Lilac.

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Nice looking pens...the one on the left reminds me of the B&B LE Glenmont!


It's been a loooong time since I needed to buy anything pen wise, but I loaded my last Diamine cartridge yesterday, so needed to restock. I'm currently waiting on...

18 Diamine Chocolate Brown cartridges
18 Diamine Ancient Copper cartridges
18 Diamine Midnight cartridges
1 Diamine cartridge assortment pack - Prestige
1 Diamine cartridge assortment pack - Regal

That should keep me going for another few years. I've barely dented my 30ml(?) Diamine bottles I got a few years ago.
Landed today.


I checked my bottled inks this evening too. I got 6 x 30ml bottles a couple of years ago, and the most used is still over 3/4 full. With today's 94 cartridges, I should be good for another five years, I reckon.


Notebooks ordered. I seem to be getting towards the end of several at the same time, which is useful. So I got stocked up in order to get free shipping.

1x A4 wirebound notebook
1x A5 wirebound notebook
1x A5 clothbound notebook
4x A5 staplebound notebooks
3x 90x140mm staplebound pocket notebooks

All Clairefontaine (1951 and Europa).
Wing Sung 699 Translucent Vaccum Filling Fountain Pen F Nib
I ordered directly from China on ebay. The pen arrived yesterday. It is a vacuum filler pen so can only be used with bottled ink. I rinsed it a couple of times before inking it this morning. It feels 'heavy' once you hold it in your hand but as soon as you remove the cap it feels good, no need to post it when writing as it is long enough. It doesn't feel heavy while writing. I unscrewed the section to see how easy it was, a chinch. I followed the enclosed instruction to fill it and all went well. Pressing the piston down in the ink bottle does not fill the pen completely but you can see that 3/4 are inked. The fine nib writes smoothly and nicely, not too wet either. I'm using Waterman's Harmonious Green. Have written two A5 pages and a quarter and still haven't unscrewed the blind cap to let the ink flow into the section. Screwing to the end the blind cap seals the barrel and the section so that there aren't any leaks. Plastic feels and looks pretty solid to me.
It was shipped in an padded envelope. The pen has no real box as for the other Chinese pen, Jinhao, I have bought. It arrived safely.
Overall GBP 15.99 with free shippiing isn't a bad purchase and the beauty of it is that it worked immediately.
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